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r1kd Thu 31-Jan-19 14:55:36

I have been trying to post something for too long now. This post is to try diagnose why. Was it too long? did i use a cuss word? I don't know because it just does nothing when i click create conversation.... did this work? let's see

FaFoutis Thu 31-Jan-19 14:56:37

You can use as many cuss words as you like on here.

TheQueef Thu 31-Jan-19 14:57:23

This one worked.
It's riveting.
Needs more profanity though.

CosmicCanary Thu 31-Jan-19 14:57:34

Fuck shit bollocks bum....see cussing is allowed.

r1kd Thu 31-Jan-19 15:01:08

haha thank you for the smiles....
Weirdly my real post worked after this test one

FaFoutis Thu 31-Jan-19 15:01:21

There might be a problem with lack of capitals though. You can say fuck, but not 'when i click'.

FaFoutis Thu 31-Jan-19 15:02:10

MN is a stickler for SPAG.

TheQueef Thu 31-Jan-19 15:02:46

Used em all up shouting in the title Faf

FaFoutis Thu 31-Jan-19 15:08:02

Good point.

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