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Dont know what to do with our car???.....pls help????? -

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Biglips Thu 28-Jun-07 20:48:57

i thought ill post it in here as Men know cars more than women in general as im not getting any luck posting in on "Other subjects"

its an Audi 100 2.6L, L reg and runs on petrol....we wants to convert it to LPG. The engine is in an excellent condition and also the bodywork is immaculate, as it had been told by 2 different garages BUT its an old car (L reg is 1994) and plus we gotta find the money to convert it.

IF we decide to sell it, we get what its worth and buy another car that is same age (we still gotta find the money to buy another car) with the LPG in it already, but the LPG is old in this one and new in the Audi. (i know all about LPG conversions).

OR shall we go and buy a bicycle??

its doing my head in as we are stuck on money and whilst we are driving around in the costing us in petrol for us not able to save up properly!!

southeastastra Thu 28-Jun-07 20:51:14

i was looking at a few cars that had lpg though tbh i'm not sure what is was?

wouldn't it be easier to buy one

southeastastra Thu 28-Jun-07 20:51:26

sorry i'm not a man btw!

Biglips Thu 28-Jun-07 20:52:26


Biglips Thu 28-Jun-07 20:54:27

Liquefied petroleum gas - you run on gas

southeastastra Thu 28-Jun-07 21:16:29

i saw a couple of cars with lpg that were about £2,500

southeastastra Thu 28-Jun-07 21:16:42

how do you add the gas?

Biglips Fri 29-Jun-07 08:23:13

you go to the petrol station where they have gas - you do it as the same way as putting petrol in your car. in petrol for eg to fill the tank up its £30...well in gas its half. And gas have the same performance as petrol meaning it doesnt slow down the car.

if YOU did find the money....wud u keep ya car and get it converted to lpg or swap to a already lpg car?

lay Fri 29-Jun-07 08:33:12

hi my mother in law has just had have bmw converted to gas it cost 1500 to have it done but the bloke who done it said it will have paid for its self in 12months time really really cheap to use gas!!! the petrol was costing them a fortune so much so they werent using the bmw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BigGitDad Fri 29-Jun-07 10:38:54

Have you done the maths on this, say you convert to gas and it costs you £1500. Say you save 50p a litre you will need to use 3000 litres before you start making a profit. 3000 litre equates to 660 gallons. If your car does 30 miles to the gallon you will need to do 19800 miles before you start making money over petrol.
I have just estimated that so it may be incorrect but if anyone differ from me from please say so
Do not forget that not all garages sell gas, though you can have a car that runs on both and you switch when appropriate.

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