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Potty training going pear shaped

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Rogedo Mon 19-Nov-18 20:46:36

Our daughter (now 7) took to toilet training pretty much overnight but our 3 year old son is a different bag.

Aside from the fact that he gets stickers if he wees on the toilet he has no interest aside from that.

My view is the child needs to understand when they feel the need to go otherwise you're wasting your time. AIBU?

When time allows, we do sit him on the loo but as me and my wife both work, this is only an option first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

The wife is understandably annoyed that nothing is moving (pardon the pun). Things aren't helped by the fact that he goes to two different nurseries and any one of about 10 girls could be looking after him at the one time. The wife thinks they should be taking him to the toilet regularly. I see her point but there are a ton of other kids they need to attend to as well...

Should we just bin the idea and wait until the Christmas holidays?

Any advice gratefully received as it is fast becoming a bone of contention on all sides.

MrBuscuits Wed 28-Nov-18 17:56:10

Getting him to wee on the toilet is progress.

Getting him to wee in the toilet calls for a toy or other gift grin

Just persevere. Get him a potty, it's not easy but I've heard of some parents leaving the kid in the wet clothes (just for a short while) and asking the child if it's nice to feel wet (usually a little cold too) until they figure it out for themselves. Telling them after you've changed them into fresh clothes You must tell us when you need to go for a wee / poo might help them understand. There will be a couple of 'accidents' along the way but they will figure things out soon enough smile

Jackshouse Wed 28-Nov-18 17:58:58

Try reading ‘oh crap’ potty training book. Basically you need to spend a few days in the house with him naked so he learns what it feels like when he needs to wee.

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