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HELP C100 form....🤞🏻

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bootsandsocks Wed 03-Oct-18 00:13:47

this isn’t directly for me, i’m not a dad i’m a frequent user of the mumsnet section but this is regarding a C100 form and as far as I can tell not many mothers have to file these because they seem to be held in higher stead by the system regardless of how much they like to pretend they’re not. And that’s from a mother’s perspective, we want equal rights but equal responsibilities where children are concerned is a different matter, vagina trumps penis any day on that front.
apologies i’m so angry right now, long story short my brother has two kids, his ex won’t let him see them and is being obtuse saying he can only see them during the day (he works full time) and she must be there to watch (no legal ruling or reason why he should be supervised) as up until 2 months ago he had them 4/5 days of the week. He is filing a C100 order but as I understand this can be used for more than contact, it’s also residency and as a blockade for stopping his ex from doing things.

My question is, can he use one form for all these things or does he have to fill in seperate C100s for each thing?

Any help would be appreciated, i’m trying so hard to help him fight this fucking torrent of biased and prejudicial treatment that apparently doesn’t exist in the system yet fathers rights is a huge movement and I haven’t heard a peep from ‘mothers rights’ lately.

sawdustformypony Thu 11-Oct-18 13:45:41

You can use the same form for multiple applications to the Court. If you look on the first page, you'll see there is the option to apply for more than one order.

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