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Hot then ignoring me

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Mindy2016 Mon 03-Sep-18 17:53:54

Serious trying to work this woman.

Quick rundown

Basically I went out with her for about 12 months over 20 years ago
We grew up together slightly known her since we was 14.

We split and I never saw her but over the years she has connected a few times on FaceBook. Bit of chit chat every now and then.
Met up with her about 6 years ago for a coffee and we chatted for couple of hours. She said it’s great and we will start meeting up every now and then. Never heard off her again.

Then last week I get a message off her saying can I help her look for a car. She asks for my number. Texts me can she ring me late evening.
Spoke on the phone for about 3 hrs.
Texts following can we meet up with kids off school.
We meet she introduces me to her youngest. Get on great etc
Keeps texting me hun luv etc but freaky.
Asks me do I wanna come to her’s watch a film with her and her Son,
I never went in the end was to busy with my kids
Keeps texting a fair bit following day
day after asks can we meet wants a cuddle etc
Met up had a great time again.

Now she is just ignoring me and no texts all in the space of a week.
I kind of wish she didn’t even bother

Namethecat Mon 03-Sep-18 17:56:36

Hoping your not in a relationship, and secondly if your not suggest you don't go looking for one with her ! She's very strange .

Mindy2016 Mon 03-Sep-18 18:01:25

No I am single and so is she.
No I was never looking for a relationship with her.
Like I said I seen her once in 6 years for a few hours in 20+ years

Then this week she hot has hell really laying it on.
Her parents and mine with pretty close when we was younger.

They aren’t any more thou sadly she lost her Dad about 3 years ago and her Mum last year, so it’s her and her 5 kids.

officeworker36 Thu 28-Feb-19 19:06:27

sounds like you were a booty call, is she doing the same with other guys? she may just be enjoying herself with different people or keeping herself entertained with the chats etc.

harsh truth is it doesn't sound like you mean anything to her so don't get attached

WingBingo Thu 28-Feb-19 19:11:07

How did you find this thread office?

Insomnibrat Thu 28-Feb-19 19:11:45

She 'nearly' likes you.
She likes you when she's nothing else on, or when she's in a certain mood or has a certain need.
In the cold light of day, she isn't actually that bothered, and can't be bothered to fake it.
She wishes she likes you more, she probably sees you as a good prospect, on paper, but it just isn't the burn she'd like it to be.
She can't keep her interest in you up.

Value yourself more. Stop dancing to her tune.

Bigonesmallone3 Thu 28-Feb-19 19:15:31

This thread is nearly 6 months old!
How did this even end up coming up again..

I doubt very much op is still looking for advice

officeworker36 Thu 28-Feb-19 20:25:52

I was looking on dadsnet, seems all the threads in there are quite old

Scorpvenus1 Mon 24-Jun-19 12:12:19

She just does this with everyone and probably needs the company as is extroverted and possibly also always needs a new supply.

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