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What not to call your book....on Amazon

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DrDaddy Thu 31-May-07 19:25:33

here make sure you read the customer reviews, especially the first one. Class.

RnBee Thu 31-May-07 19:27:58

lol, very funny!

pirategirl Thu 31-May-07 19:29:32

pmsl haha

nickytwotimes Thu 31-May-07 19:29:43

my aunt once bought hand cream called "hand relief" and couldn't understand why i laughed.
sorry - i am not a man btw

NoodleStroodle Thu 31-May-07 19:29:49

LOL! Brilliant

Rhubarb Thu 31-May-07 19:31:48


Califrau Thu 31-May-07 19:32:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DrDaddy Thu 31-May-07 19:36:35

nicky - "hand relief"!? Really? Fantastic.

MarsLady Thu 31-May-07 19:37:39

The first reviewer has a certain style about him. I read some more of his reviews but needed to stop because my side was hurting too much!

Rhubarb Thu 31-May-07 19:37:53

There's a car wash in Newcastle that advertises 'The best hand job in town'

Slubberdegullion Thu 31-May-07 19:39:41

DrDaddy Thu 31-May-07 19:48:51

I agree MarsLady. He sounds like one of our MNers to me also....(not me I hasten to add).

nickytwotimes Thu 31-May-07 19:49:43

re hand relief, i think it was aveda that make it.

nickytwotimes Thu 31-May-07 19:54:28

try this
botom left of page. i ask you....!

DrDaddy Thu 31-May-07 20:08:09

"help diminish signs of aging and provide optimal relief"
I never knew it made you look younger! Cool!

Walnutshell Thu 31-May-07 20:11:44

Ohmigod, Amazon editing team - are they having a laugh? Stuff like this always reminds me of that old favourite Master Bates & Seamen Stains. Ahoy cap'n.

DrDaddy Thu 31-May-07 20:16:26

Yes, but most of the Captain Pugwash characters turned out to be apochryphal. I remember, for instance, that it was Tom the Cabin Boy, not Roger as suggested later.

Walnutshell Thu 31-May-07 20:19:52

Aw, shurrup, you've ruined me fun. Urban legend live on!

DrDaddy Thu 31-May-07 20:22:40

Sorry...although we used to have endless debates about the precise meaning of "pugwash"

Monkeytrousers Thu 31-May-07 20:28:09

hand relief

FioFio Thu 31-May-07 20:28:28

Message withdrawn

Monkeytrousers Thu 31-May-07 21:21:53

They have one called hand jojoba I think too

Walnutshell Thu 31-May-07 21:58:37

DrD: Pee-Yuke!

skyatnight Thu 31-May-07 23:50:33

Wayne Redhart has reviewed a number of Amazon products in the last week or so!

JoolsToo Thu 31-May-07 23:52:15


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