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should my son play with dolls?

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mikeonabike Wed 02-May-18 08:31:09

hi guys, the wife recently suggested buying our son a doll, and thinks until he can make his own decisions about what to play with, we shouldn't consider gender when buying them, any thoughts on this?

cheers, mike.

Alex3101 Wed 02-May-18 10:58:26

Hi Mike,

Our son has 2 dolls that he plays with. He looks after them, changes nappies, feeds them and takes them for walks. We even made him his own wrap so he could carry it like he gets carried.
I think it's incredibly important in bringing up a well rounded responsible child.
He needs to learn to care and understand that men and women share this role equally.
Now he has a baby brother he is very caring of him, helps change him and feed him just like his dolls.
He has a play kitchen and helps in making meals with us in the evening.

Ratbagratty Wed 02-May-18 11:02:02

Yes he may grow up to be a ..... Dad. Why are you opposed to it? My daughter has cars to play with should I stop that?

ShatnersBassoon Wed 02-May-18 11:03:59

What are your thoughts, Mike? Surely your opinion combined with your wife's are enough to make a decision on something so trivial.

XJerseyGirlX Wed 02-May-18 11:07:50

Lovely idea. My nephew has a doll called Nigel

Fatted Wed 02-May-18 11:10:04

We never specifically bought our boys dolls. They're at the age now where they can tell us what they want and we'd never be opposed to a doll if they asked for one.

That being said, both my boys used other toys to play looking after, getting dressed, feeding etc. All the sorts of things you would play with a doll. They both have baby dinosaurs that have been fed, changed, have their hair and nails done etc. They play cooking and cleaning etc with various different toys.

The point I'm trying to make is its not so much the actual toys that encourage breaking down of gender specific roles. It's the type of play and also what they see at home. My sons see two parents who work and equally share responsibility at home.

LilithTheKitty Wed 02-May-18 11:10:17

My DS has three dolls called Annabel, Carter and... Motorbike confused. I don't see an issue?

kissthealderman Wed 02-May-18 11:11:57

Would he like a doll? If so then of course he can have one.

Doyoumind Wed 02-May-18 11:15:48

Mine asked for one and got one, and then got another one. He enjoyed looking after them in the same way I looked after him. His favourite toy when he was younger was his kitchen.

iklboo Wed 02-May-18 11:18:04

Action man is a doll by any other name.

saucepot8 Wed 02-May-18 11:19:26

Action man is a doll. My eldest had a pushchair. Dh wasn't sure he should have a 'girls ' toy until I pointed out that he pushed the dcs pushchair. Neither of my boys had dolls as I think they inherited my fear of dolls. It's their staring dead eyes freak me out. They pushed teddies around.

iklboo Wed 02-May-18 11:19:49

Sorry posted too soon. My friend's dad was in uproar when he was little and he saw him playing with a doll. He threw it out and bought him Action Man. Which is just Barbie with a crew cut to me.

Fromage Wed 02-May-18 11:19:59


It will make him gay. Or a girl. Both of which are unconscionable. You are a dreadful parent if you allow this.

Unless it's a Spider Man doll. Or a Batman doll. Or Thor. Those are fine and he'll turn out normal, not gay or a woman.

Is this the sort of reply you were after?

bloomsburyer Wed 02-May-18 11:22:56

If you would like him to be a loving days then let him play with dolls.

bloomsburyer Wed 02-May-18 11:24:47

*dad (f'ing autocorrect)

gamerchick Wed 02-May-18 11:27:14

I don’t understand your point OP. He will be a dad one day, you don’t want that?

Tapasandwine Wed 02-May-18 11:27:26

Of course, why ever not? Give him that choice by buying him a doll or 2?

In this day and age, why would that be something to carefully consider? Both of my daughters played with toy trucks and diggers as well as dolls etc.

joystir59 Wed 02-May-18 11:28:54

Your child will not grow up gay if he plays with dolls. And repeat.

joystir59 Wed 02-May-18 11:29:38

And if he does show signs he might be gay you can always encourage him to change sex.

dementedpixie Wed 02-May-18 11:38:48

Ds had a boy doll and buggy from about 18 months. He took the doll on holiday with us one year

sugarbum Wed 02-May-18 11:41:01

your wife is correct

kissthealderman Wed 02-May-18 11:47:05

It will make him gay. Or a girl. grin

bookmum08 Wed 02-May-18 11:51:26

My daughter has a Baby Born doll who she took to the library once. A gaggle of babies and toddlers were there (my daughter is older - past toddler hood) and all of them were like little meerkats when they spotted our doll. They all wanted to play. One little boy - probably not even 18 months was so sweet. He put 'baby' in the toy buggy and kept kissing the babies head and patting the baby. He was so gentle and protective of the baby (a doll remember). His mum loved it. She thought it was so sweet. He apparently didn't really know any (real) babies younger than him but yet he seemed to know straight away how to 'look after the baby' !! So lovely.

aaarrrggghhhh Wed 02-May-18 11:56:44

God no. He might catch the gay. Or grow up thinking that it is appropriate for him to engage in activities traditionally associated with being female. Then you'd have to disown him.

Fromage Wed 02-May-18 12:55:02

Where are you, cheers mike?

Are you going to allow your son to play with a pathetic girls' toy or will you give him proper, blue toys to play with, so he can grow up to be a Real Man?

What will become of him unless you give him diggers and dinosaurs? Surely he will grow into a weak pathetic fool.

All of mumsnet needs to know in case some wazzock has gone and bought him a toy ironing board or a pretend hoover, and ruined his chances of being a normal, straight man.

I will lose sleep over this.

Please, cheers mike, assure us no one has contaminated your son with some cheap pink plastic shite?

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