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OK how do I get the smell of cigarettes out of a car?

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PrincessPeaHead Mon 30-Apr-07 11:30:46

I have accidentally bought a car previously owned by a smoker (they bunged so much air freshener in it I didn't notice but now that has evaporated it is definitely a bit fag ashy in there, eugh).

It is for the nanny to drive around my precious children and I don't want them vomming in it because of the smell.

1. leave it with doors open for a day or so
2. get someone to steam clean it
3. put some bicarb or something in it to absorb it
4. do something else
5. all of the above

please help!

lucykate Mon 30-Apr-07 11:35:32

i'm not sure there's anything that works, mil had a car and she's now sold it as she could never get rid of the smokey smell.

steam cleaning might be the best bet to try first, also try new seat covers, mats etc. i would take it to one of those places that does a full valeting service rather than try yourself.

PrincessPeaHead Mon 30-Apr-07 13:10:16


Please someone come on and prove lucykate wrong with your sure-fire stink-remedy

MrsApron Mon 30-Apr-07 13:15:46

I think i would do all your choices.

1) bicarb everywhere in a frenzied fashion.
2) 24 hours later I would hoover it.
3) steam clean it
4) leave it to air.

Repeat as necessary.

Might be worth getting seat covers for it too.

PrincessPeaHead Mon 30-Apr-07 13:18:29

yes I think that has to be the plan MrsApron unless there is anything else out there

someone mentioned ionisers to me - has anyone tried this? does it work (before I go and spend cash on one)

MrsApron Mon 30-Apr-07 13:19:59

Would an ioniser not just remove the smoke from the air though? Not the stuff lodged in the fabrics.

PrincessPeaHead Mon 30-Apr-07 13:26:22

just been googling and they also recommend an open pan of coffee grounds or white vinegar

might try those after the steam cleaning.


charliecat Mon 30-Apr-07 13:34:05

neutraodor, green powder, sprinkle then hoover out

Inrockuptible Mon 30-Apr-07 13:34:58

It's probably worth paying a professional valeter to wet clean the whole interior, including the roof liner and door seals.
If you find a small local firm it shouldn't cost more than £50 and would certainly be worthwhile.

DrDaddy Mon 30-Apr-07 14:06:11

Here are some more suggestions:

1. Put a dish with lots of lemon peel in the car and leave it till it dries out. Apparently this works.
2. Put coffee (before it's been percolated obviously) into a sock (!) Tie end of sock and put in car, maybe under a seat.

3. Put a dish of white wine vinegar in the car and leave it overnight. Smell should be gone by morning apparently.

PrincessPeaHead Mon 30-Apr-07 14:16:16

Dr Daddy you've been reading the same websites as I have!

All those sound good
I'll definitely have to get it fully valeted.

Oh well that is the problem with agreeing to buy a car from a dealer that you haven't actually seen and haven't made as one of your conditions "must not smell like the arse of an ashtray"

serves me right.

Inrockuptible Mon 30-Apr-07 14:39:57

I would, it's the only way to get the lingering smell out of it.
Those tips would work if say a friend had lit up in your car as a one off, but if you've bought one thats obviously been constantly smoked in it needs to be professionally done.
Have you considered complaining to the dealer, as they might pay for it if you ask.

SpareWheel Mon 30-Apr-07 20:27:38

Take it through a car-wash with the windows down .

Seriously though, Inrockuptible has got the right idea - best to get a prof. valet firm to shampoo all the upholstery and hope that they'd be embarrassed to give you it back if it still smelled.

PrincessPeaHead Mon 30-Apr-07 20:57:32

thank you everyone!
gave it back to the dealer this afternoon who is steamcleaning it and dumping in a load more air freshener so I'll see how it smells tomorrow

then I'll start on the doors open, bicarb, coffee etc route if there is any residual stink

it wasn't too bad but I think if you are a nonsmoker any cigarette smell in a car is really noticeable and horrible

katonggirl Sat 02-Feb-13 14:49:53

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