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Quality of female children's TV presenters these days...

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SpareWheel Tue 24-Apr-07 09:06:05 pretty good, I reckon. Long gone are the days of Valerie Singleton and Lesley Judd.

All hail Zöe Salmon, Becky Jago, Ellie Crisell, Anne Foy and SArah-Jane Honeywell.

mrcandmre Tue 24-Apr-07 09:18:01

Sorry can't put up with her

UnquietDad Tue 24-Apr-07 09:28:08

Is Becky still doing newsround?

Don't forget the Milkshake totty - Naomi and friends.

vimfuego Tue 24-Apr-07 09:30:48

Mine kids are a bit young for these progs, I have to make do with Miss Hooley

ScottishThistle Tue 24-Apr-07 09:31:00

Don't watch enough to know who they all are but Sarah-Jane gets on my nerves, she's so wet!

mrcandmre Tue 24-Apr-07 09:54:20

She's damn annoying and fake fake fake

SpareWheel Tue 24-Apr-07 13:01:49

Nah - Miss Hoolie's too horsey.
Unquiet Dad hits the nail on the head as ever - Naomi Wilkinson from C5's Milkshake is VERY respectable.

BigGitDad Tue 24-Apr-07 14:23:33

Before you write Sarah Jane off, bear in mind that she used to be a contortionist. A useful weapon in any girls amourery!

blondehelen Tue 24-Apr-07 14:31:07

I went to school with Naomi. Agree - Very respectable

UnquietDad Tue 24-Apr-07 19:44:52

oooh, what was she REALLY like??

DaddyCool Tue 24-Apr-07 20:50:23

becky jago is f**king gorgeous. she gives me a feeling.

DaddyCool Tue 24-Apr-07 20:51:55

but Naomi is by far the best.

she called out a hello and kiss and a hug for "daddycool from the mumsnet ladies" about two years ago.

frumpygrumpy Tue 24-Apr-07 20:53:22

Wow, you are FAAAAAA mous I never got that close.

blondehelen Tue 24-Apr-07 20:55:20

Sorry no gossip really. It was an independent all girls school so pretty boring really. She is genuinely lovely, we were in the same year at school and shared some classes but weren't close friends. Met up with her at a reunion 5 yrs ago and she hasn't changed at all.

Norfolkinhope Wed 25-Apr-07 08:51:51

Daddycool - is that a "fimbly" feeling by any chance?

Personally I get my fimbly feeling after about 6 pints and Sarah-Jane certainly belongs on the list (no apologies).

DaddyCool Wed 25-Apr-07 13:49:47

well something certainly starts to tingle and wiggle thats for sure.

ScottishThistle Wed 25-Apr-07 13:52:16

It's not your top-notch then!?!

BigGitDad Wed 25-Apr-07 14:10:53

DaddyCool, you want to send her that picture you put on the thread with an explanation of how you stick your top lip onto your teeth. (I still cannot do it a week on) That will get her hands on your Fimbly bits.....

DaddyCool Wed 25-Apr-07 17:50:53

i'm sure. who could resist that?

lip stuck to teeth - I can do both top and bottom <smug>. When i do both, i look like something from 'night of the living dead'

rub your teeth with your index finger to dry them out thoroughly, then execute.

willywonka Wed 25-Apr-07 17:58:10

Love the thread title and pmsl at the posts . Worried for any man who has bad thoughts about Sarah-Jane and not sure about that Anne Foy either but I'm a lay-dee so what would I know?

DaddyCool Wed 25-Apr-07 18:06:29

i'd shag sarah-jane but i wouldn't tell anyone about it... and i wouldn't call her the next day either.

willywonka Wed 25-Apr-07 18:07:48


DaddyCool Wed 25-Apr-07 18:29:48

.... after about three weeks i'd call her at around 3am, drunk and stupid... she'd ask me around... and then it would all start again.

willywonka Wed 25-Apr-07 18:34:46

Whatever you'd like to believe DC!!!

DaddyCool Wed 25-Apr-07 18:37:54

you're her, aren't you?

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