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Female boss 'too touchy at work'

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Damonlufc88 Mon 24-Apr-17 18:57:57

I work in a big factory. Boring dull job but with good friends, kinda fell under the radar at school etc. Work close to home so commuting isn't difficult. It's a all male environment in my department but we have a female 'team leader' for a better name. She is very touchy, arms around the 'younger' ones (mid-late 20s, including me @28) she is married and it's not insinuating but I'm too uncomfortable with it, she has made a few comments about my sex life at home, again not insinuating but flirty banter I can describe it as. I don't feel confident when this happens, it's not all the time but the arm around is often when she is taking. She is also foreign but good English but I'm affraid to speak up /to her about it incase language barrier or I get moved/isolated to another department

Shitalopram Mon 24-Apr-17 19:05:26

three steps for dealing with this:

1) say in a good natured voice with a smile, "I don't want to you to touch me like that, it's not professional." Don't ask, just tell. Make a note of it.

if no better

2) same thing again, with an audience if possible, without the smile. Make a note of it again.

3) official complaint.

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