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Advice re choice of condom

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BecauseImWorthIt Sun 28-Jan-07 12:51:52

This is a question from a friend (honestly!) who is having trouble with her registration:

"I hope to be re-entering the dating field soon and would like to be prepared, but there are loads of different condoms to choose from and I don't want to stand around at Boots reading the packets. Which brand would you recommend? I want to give the impression of being prepared and sensible but not slaggy or wild, and of having a taste for the better things in life (ie NOT Superdrug own label multipack). Thanks guys."

themildmanneredjanitor Sun 28-Jan-07 12:53:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emzickle Mon 05-Feb-07 10:01:39

or ribbed durex. cant go wrong with them me thinks... saying that though, last time I used one of those, I got pregnant... oops

Cappuccino Mon 05-Feb-07 10:03:37

do men really think about this?

or do they think 'fantastic, I'm going to get laid'

I can't imagine any man I know stopping at the crucial moment to form theories about a woman's choice of condoms

FioFio Mon 05-Feb-07 10:05:18

Message withdrawn

Cappuccino Mon 05-Feb-07 10:08:40

'what were you thinking? what kind of man do you take me for?'

FioFio Mon 05-Feb-07 10:09:40

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 05-Feb-07 10:18:26

Well I think Fio "how did that happen" Fio has no place on a thread discussing's the morning sickness sweetie

Avanti - apparently latex allergy is getting much more common these days, plus the higher cost gives the message that she is not prepared to economise in the lurve field...

FioFio Mon 05-Feb-07 10:20:19

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 05-Feb-07 10:21:11

Aw, honey, just teasing. XXX Hope it kicks in soon IYSWIM.

FioFio Mon 05-Feb-07 10:22:10

Message withdrawn

MichaelDadOfTom Mon 05-Feb-07 10:22:48

Hello everyone, Just thaught I'd give you a male perspective on the issue of, which condom to use.

Unfortunately I would have to agree with Cappuccino and FioFio. Most guys would probably think 'excellent' and not be worried about what brand, even if it is superdrug own label. I have always been of the mind that it is a guy's responsibility to carry the condom though and would probably be a bit shocked if a girl pulled on out. Than being said I will never know as I'm now married and will not be experiencing that scene again. (have to put that in or DW will not be happy) .

Now I have a question. Do women pay attention to the type of condom a guy carries?

NbgsYellowFeathers Mon 05-Feb-07 10:23:22

Oooo congrats Fio!

There are some new ones by Durex which are meant to heat up and tingle
Could be good!

FioFio Mon 05-Feb-07 10:24:06

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 05-Feb-07 10:24:52

10 weeks already ...hmmm, can they not be supportive and offer you an extra scan as you are so concerned...I hate that window in pregnancy, it is the worst of the 9 months IMO

MichaelDadOfTom Mon 05-Feb-07 10:24:58

I have seen the new durex one they look interesting....The wonders of modern technology.

Marina Mon 05-Feb-07 10:25:30

<marina puts fingers in ears and sings la la la over Mates failure bombshell>

foxinsocks Mon 05-Feb-07 10:27:04

I would second avanti

don't think I'd pay much attention to the brand of condom a man carries - I'd be more than happy that he had actually bothered to think about protection! Though the old thick ones are pretty horrid compared to the likes of the avanti and co.

Cappuccino Mon 05-Feb-07 10:27:52

I'm sure the OP, however deluded she is about this condom business, doesn't need you two blathering on about pregnancy on her thread

go on, be off with you

Marina Mon 05-Feb-07 10:29:13

sorry capp but it's all grist to the mill, so to speak...
I am just imagining a heat up and tingle condom and worrying about a whiff of singed scrotal hair...

NbgsYellowFeathers Mon 05-Feb-07 10:30:20

pmsl Marina

themildmanneredjanitor Mon 05-Feb-07 10:31:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MichaelDadOfTom Mon 05-Feb-07 10:31:10

When I was younger (jees look at me, I'm not that old at the moment...just feel like it sometimes - well I was told that children can add 10 years), anyway, yes when I was younger I used to get them from the Dr's and they used to give these really dodgy NHS ones they were revoulting. I nevery had the guts to use them I was ashamed.

Although now they give out all sorts. A conversation with my cousin revealed that some Dr's will let you choose brand (usually durex or mates) and you get ribbed, flavoured and everything.

I wounder what kind of message this send out to kids??

FioFio Mon 05-Feb-07 10:32:12

Message withdrawn

FioFio Mon 05-Feb-07 10:33:10

Message withdrawn

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