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When is a good time to start panicking...

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HandyTrinkett Thu 11-Jan-07 12:34:14

...that things aren't ready for new (and first) child??
Tiny person due to meet the world at the beginning of March... ...nursery not done, house not finished...

Also, any tips for useful things to bring to the birth (already been told a video camera would see me having a very final meeting with an undertaker...)

TheArmadillo Thu 11-Jan-07 12:45:13

tips - take food and drinks. You may be in there for a long time (21 hours in my case) and your relationship may be over if you leave to grab a snack (or if you take a trip to the chip shop like my cousin's husband did).

Things will never be ready enough for new baby . As long as they have something to sleep in, something to wear, and something to crap in, you'll be fine

HandyTrinkett Thu 11-Jan-07 12:56:20

Cheers Armadillo..

Skribble Thu 11-Jan-07 13:00:45

I would bring a very thick skin to the birth and a very good memory of all the plans requests and preferences. Big effort with house as it feels better to have it all ready. Perhaps just take a camera for some nice after pictures but not during .

SarahJaneSmith Thu 11-Jan-07 13:01:06

My dh seemed to find it very theraputic to have a gameboy to play on.

I wouldn't worry about the nursery. Just do any really loud jobs before the baby comes. Babies are a tremendous timesuck however so you won't get anything done after the birth either.

Good luck and have fun.

LieselVentouse Thu 11-Jan-07 13:07:50

Dont panic FFS - that would just do my head in

KathyMCMLXXII Thu 11-Jan-07 13:11:05

something to mop brow with, as labour rooms are hot.
Sandwiches a necessity.
Also I seem to remember a thread which agreed the most useful thing you can bring is a magic elf.

sunnywong Thu 11-Jan-07 13:11:14

yes, a very thick skin. And you, my man, had better learn to take orders, not instructions and accpet that you will never be able to do anything swiftly enough or read your wife's mind.
Am I right or am I right (just-had-a-baby-and-ever-so-slightly-psycho) mothers?

jabberwocky Thu 11-Jan-07 13:11:46

My dh is still freaking out that our remodeling wasn't done in time. ds2 is 7 weeks old and I'm frankly more bothered by his ranting over it than anyhing else.

As said already, they don't really need that much and you'll be too tired to care anyway

ernest Thu 11-Jan-07 13:13:21

yes, house being sorted not really nec. as such but everyone would osychologically feel better, so pull your finger out.

March is ages away.

and don't panic.

aDad Thu 11-Jan-07 13:18:51

yep food /drink, mainly for you
ok no video but a camera for after
cast iron stomach

it'll never be how you expect so dont torture yourself by imagining different scenarios.

focus on the end result - which WILL be worth it.

Rhubarb Thu 11-Jan-07 13:19:21

Her best nightie and dressing-gown for the pictures afterwards, even if you just drape the dressing-gown over her shoulders she'll appreciate it. My dh didn't bother and our post birth snaps show blood all over my thighs! Plus hospital gown are very unattractive.

A flask of tea.

Sandwiches. If she is having a hospital birth, she may have to wait a long time before getting fed!

Comb for her hair.

Lots of disposable knickers and the biggest sanitary towels you can find (baby section of pharmacies).

Loose change for the vending machine, payphone and parking meter.

Spare film for camera.

Her slippers.

Bathroom stuff like soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.

Skribble Thu 11-Jan-07 14:13:42

Stick up for her if she doesn't want or does want something, if you side with the midwife consider where you will be living for the next few months .

Agree let her get herself sorted for pictures don't take loads of reportage type pictures or keep flashing away like the paperazzi while she is in deep conversation with her mum or trying to feed.

lulumama Thu 11-Jan-07 14:18:30

don;t ask her to make a packed lunch for you while she labours or only finish clearing out the nursery whilst she is having contractions every 5 minutes.......

luckily , DH lived to tell the tale, by doing exactly what he was told the rest of the time, and sticking up for me when necessary....and getting the midwife when my waters exploded across the room!!

do take food & drinks, some ice chips if you can as not all hospitals provide ice...flannels, lip balm, cleansing wipes, general toiletries, bendy straws, change for the phone and a list of numbers , and babygros, nappies, vests, little hat, receiving blanket......

it'll be fine ! sooooo exciting

lulumama Thu 11-Jan-07 14:18:59

if you want a proper hospital bag list, i have one !

Furball Thu 11-Jan-07 14:24:25

Have the bags packed about 3 weeks before - it's not recommended her doing it once her waters have broken and nor is it a good idea to put everything on hold whilst you faff around trying to set up the video to tape Top Gear both as happened in our house!

Stock the freezer with ready meals and essentials like bread and milk.

Skribble Thu 11-Jan-07 14:25:33

TBH just worry about what you might want, she will probably have her bag and list sorted and knows what she wants, last thing she wants to hear is you saying your hungry or what ever, so make sure you plann ahead for what you might need.

My Dh was sent home for a good sleep as it was a long labour and he was tired, the poor wee soul .

TenaLady Thu 11-Jan-07 14:26:13

A bit of music and your make up bag. You feel surprisingly energetic after the birth and a bit of slap is great for those first photos once baby has been weighed and checked.

HandyTrinkett Thu 11-Jan-07 14:32:48

Blimey you guys are good!

Food in the freezer won't be any different from normal.. ..always make sure there's nice stuff around to eat! ;-)

TenaLady - my makeup bag? I'll take the wife's one for her definitely but how did you know about mine?

lulumama - any chance of that list?

bigwuss Thu 11-Jan-07 14:45:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lulumama Thu 11-Jan-07 16:00:40

no worries handy..will fish it out and post shortly

lulumama Thu 11-Jan-07 16:04:30


Maternity notes
Birth plan
Dressing gown (only a light weight one, labour wards are kept very warm)
Nightshirt (to labour in) X2 IF YOU CAN
Second nightshirt/pj's (for after the birth - front opening is easiest if you plan to BF)
Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, tooth brush/paste - treat yourself to a luxorious shower gel or nice deserve it!)
Hair band , bobbles, clips
Lip balm - esp if planning on using gas and air!
A watch (with a second hand for contractions)
Camera (don't forget extra memory/film, batteries)
Camcorder (although may not be allowed to film the actual birth)
Change for phone and parking - check how much parking is and if you need the right money11
List of friends and family phone numbers
Nursing bras (if BF)
Flash or anti-bacterial wipes (for the shower/bath and anything else that seems mucky) & anti bac lotion for hands
Cheap plastic flip flops (for use in the shower)
Hair brush
Drinks and snacks (for birthing partner as well!!) bendy straws good or a sports bottle.
Breast pads (whether you plan to BF or not) , although milk might not be in yet.
Big cotton knickers...not paper ones..if you have a c.s they cut right into the scar!
maternity pads - 2 - 3 packs as bleeding will be heavy at first....
Dark coloured towel and flannel
Going home clothes - maternity or loose!!
Care sit on in the car so you don't woory if waters break!

and a book or MP3 player / case yo have time to relax!

And for the baby...

travel sized changing mat in case hospital dont have one.
wipes...although some hospital encourage and provide cotton wool & water, take cotton wool anyway.Pads better than a roll as less fluffy!
Scratch mitts
babygros. or several outfits
socks or booties if not taking babygros..need to keep baby's feet warm!
bibs & / or muslin cloths
Going home outfit - think carefully about this, it needs to be easy to fit the car seat straps around and make sure it is relevant to the season!!
receving blanket for baby to travel home in
blankets for swaddling if you are plannning on swaddling
more nappies than you think you will need
Nappy sacks

NOTE- if your wife has a birth plan, make sure you and any other birth partners are familiar with it and can stick up for her if midwife suggests something off plan that your wife will not be comfortable with , and she cannot speak can !


HandyTrinkett Thu 11-Jan-07 16:17:02

Thank you lulumama!

UnquietDad Fri 12-Jan-07 09:10:12

Bananas and water.

DrDaddy Tue 16-Jan-07 14:40:19

Don't forget the car seat for the baby! A friend did this to his great embarrasment. The hospital won't let you out the door without one....
Be prepared for the birth plan going completely out the window during labour.
Good luck and enjoy it. It's the best!

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