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Gift from my 7m old to his dad (my husband)

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MumToBe2015R Tue 01-Mar-16 17:42:06

Any ideas? It's his first birthday as a very proud daddy. Although I know he doesn't want anything but would like to get something from our LO for his dad's birthday which is next week. I know I've left it late shock

SunnySomer Tue 01-Mar-16 17:44:28

My DS "made" his dad a mug at one of those pottery painting cafes - it had his footprint on and said "happy birthday daddy". Not sure if they guarantee turnaround within a week but it may be possible

VoyageOfDad Wed 02-Mar-16 18:38:38

Cover babies hand in paint, press onto plain card. Fold card and get baby to do their best scribble inside.

Job done.

daddio2016 Sun 06-Mar-16 19:04:53

Speaking personally, I would love anything with my little girls DOB and name on.

Maybe an engraved bracelet?

Or a vest top with I love my daddy? I love it when my girl wears those tops!

Or a top for your husband saying best dad?

DonAdrianodeArmado Wed 23-Mar-16 20:22:20

You can get cufflinks (or other things including keepsakes) with a child's finger print embedded in them. They are among my most treasured possessions.

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