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Favourite TV Dads

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Tennyson Wed 30-Sep-15 14:33:36

Has anyone tried to put together a list of their top 10 TV dads?

VoyageOfDad Thu 01-Oct-15 14:06:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TiggyD Thu 01-Oct-15 17:06:39

Mr Cunningham was fairly cool.

VulcanWoman Thu 01-Oct-15 17:12:56

Charles Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie.

VulcanWoman Thu 01-Oct-15 17:13:55

John Walton, The Waltons.

Floralnomad Thu 01-Oct-15 17:15:56

Phil Dunphy - modern Family
Martin Crane - Frasier

Annarose2014 Thu 01-Oct-15 17:18:31

Definately Phil Dunphy. He was so lovely when he inadvertently overheard that the eldest daughter had had sex with her boyfriend. He was devastated, but handled it so well. <clearly overinvested over here>

Modwolvesrock Thu 01-Oct-15 17:23:19

Phill Dunphy (Modern Family)
Mike Heck (The Middle)
Clarke Griswald (National Lampoons Christmas vacation)

Floralnomad Thu 01-Oct-15 17:23:39

They have written Phil as extremely supportive whereas the other dads in the show leave a lot to be desired !

Lulabellarama Thu 01-Oct-15 17:23:40

I love Ross and Monica's dad in Friends

AnyoneButAndre Thu 01-Oct-15 17:25:47

Tywin Lannister. Any time you felt a bit inadequate as a dad, you could look at him and feel reassured that you weren't that bad.

DSClarke Thu 01-Oct-15 17:26:50

Keith Mars in Veronica Mars. He is ace!

ArmyDad Fri 02-Oct-15 07:38:22

Jims dad from American Pie. Total idiot but heart very much in the right place.

Also agree with Brian Cranston

Beau Bridges from My Name Is Earl

Twinkie1 Fri 02-Oct-15 07:44:50

Daddy Pig is my all time favourite TV daddy.

VashtaNerada Fri 02-Oct-15 07:49:15

You can't count Walter White as a good dad! shock

I always like Mick Carter's sensible, caring approach in Eastenders.

NotTodaySatan Fri 02-Oct-15 07:54:07

Richard Gilmore. And Luke Danes for that matter.

Tony Soprano.

Ned Stark.

Homer Simpson.

ARF at Walter White! Hal from Malcolm in the Middle though, definitely!

Moln Fri 02-Oct-15 07:56:41

A yes to Jim's dad. He's very supportive.

What about Jim Royal? (Not sure of spelling). He's a lazy man but offers affection and emotional support.

Though it'd depend on his son, as I know he was great to his daughter but not sure about his son as i was haphazard in my watching.

AgentCooper Fri 02-Oct-15 08:01:43

I love Homer Simpson and Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. And Dan from Roseanne - he was such a kind, funny big goof who loved making his wife and kids laugh.

And I love your suggestion of Tony Soprano, NotToday. Obv he was a murderer and generally pretty bad guy but he seemed like a lovely big squishy dad.

Sgtmajormummy Fri 02-Oct-15 08:02:09

John Goodman as "Roseanne's" husband (3 kids IIRC).
Bear in the Blg Blue House
(I see a pattern there!)

FattyNinjaOwl Fri 02-Oct-15 08:02:16

Peter griffin grin

NotTodaySatan Fri 02-Oct-15 08:06:30

Oh YY to Dan from Roseanne. He was a fantastic Dad.

I'm so throwing in Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince. Top dadding.

NotTodaySatan Fri 02-Oct-15 08:07:31

Marty Crane from Frasier. What that poor man had to put up with grin.

PennyHasNoSurname Fri 02-Oct-15 08:08:28

Definetly Phil Dunphy from Modern Fam. He would be No.1.

Also, technically film, but the dad in Father of the Bride (1&2).

PennyHasNoSurname Fri 02-Oct-15 08:09:15

The dad from "8 Simple Rules..."

NotTodaySatan Fri 02-Oct-15 08:13:29

Penny Absolutely.

John Ritter was amazing. So sad sad.

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