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anyone know about cars/mechanical stuff, by any chance?

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JandLandG Wed 05-Aug-15 12:34:02

Hello there

not long bought an old-ish (52 plate) bmw 320i petrol estate for 2k.

nice car, nice nick...but the engine management light has recently come on, it's stalled a few times in traffic jams, and there's a funny oily smell after driving sometimes (not sure if related).

any thoughts? car out of warranty, so garage doesn't want to know.

any chance they could have known and don't something to temporarily fix this just for the 3 months warranty, do you think?

still using it without probs, but concerned it could escalate.

any thoughts/ideas/experience?

many thanks in advance

CainInThePunting Wed 05-Aug-15 23:35:13

outside of warranty your best option is to take it to a garage you trust and ask them to check it over for you. Then pay what it costs to make it safe.

Should have been done prior to purchase but the horses have bolted now.

JandLandG Thu 06-Aug-15 00:11:11

hmmmm....well, I reckon they knew there was something wrong with it and sold it to me anyway.

they should be responsible, surely?

bit of a coincidence that the car falls over just after they sell it....I was assured no problems with it....

it was actually a nice experience buying it.

the chap was nice. but when I called about the fault, I was told by the manager that they had no responsibility and I should speak to the individual concerned when he came in on Thursday.

I wasn't dealing with an individual, I was dealing with a company.

there's no way im giving them any business.

way too meek an attitude and response.

BreakingDad77 Fri 07-Aug-15 15:57:15

You could go online and buy an ODB reader and plug it in to the car and it might tell you what the faults are, BWM forum will probably help you.

miketully85 Thu 13-Aug-15 12:34:34

Under the sale of goods act the company is liable for the car, even if it's out of manufacturer's warranty. If there is a fault with the car that can be traced back to when they owned it and they sold it to you with the fault. They are obliged to fix/repiar/replace or refund under the act. It is only after, I think, 5-7 years that the onus is on the owner to prove the issue was there when it was sold to them.
Call CAB and ask, they will start a case and if you do have a strong case, contact the company back and mention CAB are involved...usually helps!

I made the mistake of buying of CarCraft and had a VERY long battle with them about this.

Yops Fri 21-Aug-15 08:24:46

Find a good independent BMW garage, and pay them to check it over. As someone said above, plugging in a laptop with proper diagnostics will tell you a lot - including dates/times when faults were first logged, which may pre-date your purchase.

Stalling could be a multitude of things - shagged air filter, dirt in the fuel pipes, faulty sensor. Some of these are very cheap to fix.

They are good cars with good engines. Worst case might be that you have to pay a bit of your own cash out to rectify a problem. Outside of your possible legal case, the best advice I could give is to find a good independent BMW specialist near where you live and get it looked at before a little fault becomes a bigger one.

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