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Advice for a dad

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Tabuto Tue 12-May-15 14:51:28

First a bit of background info. i am a full time single dad. i have two child. i became the parent who my children reside with about 5 years ago. I had to go though family court and social services to gain residency of my children. The reasons why my children were removed from there mother was there were and risk of neglect, Emotional and sexual abuse while in there mothers care. both Social services and the Family court agree and granted me residency with the mother having first supervised and then eventually unsupervised access

My ex has now found herself in a relatively stable position away from the majority of the problems that lead to the children being removed from her care.

in recent years she has became convinced that one of our children has ADHD or some other form of Autism. I however disagree i see him as a normal little boy no different then what i was young. I have also spoken to the school who seem confused at what my ex is trying to achieve. My ex against my wishes took him to see a doctor. my son has been referred to a specialist. i have been given a date for a meeting. I have very few problems with my son. he can get a bit hyper sometimes but im quite sure most children do. My ex seems to have a different experience with him and states she has difficulty controlling him and he is aggressive while under her care which is in complete contrast to what happens while he is with me, my family
and school.I intend to go to the meeting and try to set everything straight.

My question is how much does the mother need to know about this meeting? does she have to attend? anyone who has had experience in this subject any advice is Welcome


VoyageOfDad Tue 12-May-15 15:50:22

Prob better to post this in Legal or Lone Parents ( report your post to MN and ask them to move it )

Dadsnet is slow at the best of times

Northernparent68 Thu 21-May-15 23:04:31

If you do not think your son has ADHD why do nt you cancel the meeting ?

To answer your question I do not see that you have to tell her about the meeting, if see is nt coping looking after your son perhaps you should supervise her when she sees your son.

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