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Calling All Dads

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KatyStudent Wed 03-Dec-14 16:05:00

Hello Dads of Mumsnet,

I am completing a University design project into Gender Inequality in the Nursery Industry.
It would be amazing if any of you could provide answers to these three quick questions!

What are your favourite activities to do as a Dad? e.g. bathtime.

What activities help you bond most with you child? e.g. nappy changing, talking your child for a walk, using a baby carrier and the close contact.

Is there anything you struggle to do as a Dad that your wife doesnt? e.g. Tie daughters hair up.

Thank you very much,


AlbertGiordino Wed 03-Dec-14 17:19:25

Hi Katy

My favourite activity is bedtime!

I really enjoy reading as a way to bond.

My wife does most things better than me. But no single thing jumps out.

Good luck with your uni. although I would caution that some more militant mumsnetters may advise your survey might require authorisation from mnhq. grin

KatyStudent Wed 03-Dec-14 18:33:04

Hi *AlbertGiordino(,

Do you mind me asking what you favourite aspect of bedtime is? do you have any favourite products that you use?

Oops i didn't know surveys were not allowed on MN!

MarvelMike Wed 11-Feb-15 22:37:41

1. Favourite activity - educating activities , book reading problem solving sports!

2. Bonding by doing exactly what they are .. If they crawl then crawl with them, if the run then run after them lie on the floor getting out the lego and having a laugh with them!

3. A lot!!! She does so much it's unreal, the multi tasking is a women's secret

Father of 2 boys
Soon to be 3

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