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Day to day stuff that we don't immediately attach to..

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Loadsofthingstodo Sat 08-Mar-14 15:46:18

Stuff around:
- expectations on appearance, and role
- the assumptions about looking after our little ones
- keeping wider family connections going
- having a clean/civilised home to live in
- the costs of basic make-up
- the 'requirement' to be sexy
- the demand to remain 'safe' (when do blokes wander around concerned
about being sexually assaulted?)
- talking to our girls about periods and hormones
- that what is going on in their heads isn't necessarily about us
- how what they say may well be 'gender-defined' to the audience.

Not a comprehensive list (add your own)...but IF we ever have a chance of being in an 'equal position' are these things really beyond us to appreciate??

Technotropic Sat 08-Mar-14 19:47:09

Never a more apt username grin


BertieBotts Sat 08-Mar-14 19:50:17

I don't understand your post at all.

Shakey1500 Sun 09-Mar-14 16:04:37

Same as Bertie. Not a clue.

BoneyBackJefferson Sun 09-Mar-14 19:38:14

Curious as to the OP's point.

bishbashboosh Sun 09-Mar-14 20:00:12

What are you on about?

HandragsNGladbags Sun 09-Mar-14 20:33:50

I think the OP is saying what things do men need to realise women have to think about before they (men) can get a true appreciation of what equality would mean?

BoneyBackJefferson Sun 09-Mar-14 21:22:05


yet, most of what the OP posted is applicable to men as well.

but I wouldn't want to "mansplain" or turn the thread in to "what about the menz"

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