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Additional paternity leave?

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RunningDaddy Mon 01-Sep-14 22:42:11

First day of APL today (actually it's my annual leave so far). Wife goes back to work tomorrow after several weeks off as annual leave. APL proper has to start from 20 weeks after the boy was born. Completely nonsense rule that they'll hopefully change next year. Heard rumours of completely flexible parental leave which sounds amazing.

KatTwam Tue 12-Aug-14 16:58:27

Hi RunningDaddy,
Sorry not to respond sooner. You can have this gap, you could take 'parental leave' or annual leave or some leave without pay during that time, and then start APL (if your work is happy with that). As you say, the important thing is that your partner is no longer on leave when you start APL to ensure that you aren't both receiving the SMP/SPP.
Best to speak to your work in this instance, but I do know a couple who did the above so it is certainly doable. Otherwise you can get in touch with who may be able to give more thorough advice.
Best of luck!

RunningDaddy Fri 23-May-14 22:41:44

But that doesn't state that APL should follow directly from ML, just that she should have gone back to work. Nothing like making things clear is it? Who's best to speak to about this and other financial stuff?

ThamesDittonDad Wed 21-May-14 10:17:27

Hi. I've recently applied fro APL and have just been reading all the gov legislation. Arfiad answer is no, a gap is not allowed. If it's any help I've included a quote from relevant section below:

"APL can begin any time from 20 weeks after the date on which the child is born, subject to meeting the

condition that the mother has returned to work and has ceased claiming

maternity pay. The minimum period of APL which may be taken is two

consecutive weeks. The maximum amount of APL which can be taken is 26

weeks. APL should be taken in multiples of complete weeks�

RunningDaddy Mon 19-May-14 21:47:06

I'm looking to take APL. I've just found out that I'm not supposed to start it before 20 weeks, but my wife's ML ends after 14 weeks. No idea what to do now. Is a gap allowed?

I work in London, but commute from Kent. Unfortunately I'm not looking to start APL before end of June either.

georgesdino Sat 22-Feb-14 08:43:21

Just seen this. My dh is having to quit his job as the new paternity leave doesnt come in until April 2015. At the moment he has to go off at 20 weeks which is no good to us as Im goimg back at 2 weeks. Such.a waste as dh is in a supervisory role and will find it difficult to find that again after this recession.

Unfortunately we dont live in London.

KatTwam Tue 04-Feb-14 13:45:07

Hi All,

Having shared leave with my partner who took additional paternity leave for three months, I got interested in this topic and started doing some research with other couples who have done the same thing.

I am based at the University of London Institute of Education and at the moment I am looking to meet and interview other couples where the mother's partner has taken or is planning to take additional paternity leave between now and the end of June 2014.

So few couples actually use this leave that I am finding it really difficult to get hold of couples! Please get in touch if you are sharing or planning to share your leave in this way. At the moment, I have a very limited budget so I can only recruit couples who live in or around London - apologies to those from further afield.

The study aims to help us understand why some people have taken this leave, and their experiences of doing so. In this way, we will contribute to recent policy debates on leave entitlements and uptake.
If you are interested please pm me/ email me/ check out my university website: Katherine Twamley - Institute of Education, University of London

And/or you can find an informaiton leaflet about the study here:

Many thanks!!


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