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A real blokey thread....GADGETS.

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HappyDaddy Fri 07-Jul-06 15:50:35

Come on, let's have you. Gadget top trumps. I just found this little beauty...
PC the size of a fag packet

Blandmum Fri 07-Jul-06 15:55:55

Mr Bishop has one of these

HappyDaddy Fri 07-Jul-06 15:58:16

Very cool. My PSP is still my fave though, it's great.

Blandmum Fri 07-Jul-06 16:02:27

and the flys one of these

the reason he can't get worked up about a flash car lol

crunchie Fri 07-Jul-06 16:04:52

MB I think your dh wins hands down any thread on boys toys. Surely no man can compete!!

Pruni Fri 07-Jul-06 16:04:55

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Fri 07-Jul-06 16:08:12

It used to be even more of a 'given' that he would win.

He used to fly one of


He is the least macho bloke you could ever wish to meet. A real ubernerd! Totaly uninterested in fast cars. As he said, 'If you've flown at mach 2, 120mph is boring'

my 'fast' flyboy LOLOL!

southeastastra Fri 07-Jul-06 16:14:09

wow martianbishop! have you been up in them? (sorry im not a man)

Blandmum Fri 07-Jul-06 16:27:01

No! They don't give joy rides....far too expensive.

And anyway, shall I let you into my little secret?

I'm scared of flying

He can scare me enough in the car LOL

Blondilocks Fri 07-Jul-06 18:53:48

That PC is sooo small... maybe soon you won't need a separate computer, phone etc - it'll all be in one (although I would still want a proper keyboard & monitor).

My OH also flies, but still likes fast cars. I love flying & want to learn how myself! Still haven't been on one of OH's flights yet though.

Any other groovy gadgets that anyone's found?

Orinoco Mon 10-Jul-06 23:07:03

Message withdrawn

HappyDaddy Tue 11-Jul-06 09:38:48

Orinoco, what if he can't find the locator?

MartianBishop - I'd gladly give my right testicle to fly in one of those. (envy)

BearintheBigBlueHouse Tue 11-Jul-06 09:42:19

I'd love this

Kaloo20 Tue 11-Jul-06 16:06:36

The new DS Lite is pretty damn cool

Blandmum Tue 11-Jul-06 16:10:06

happydaddy....funnily enough dh lost his left testicle to cancer ('I shit you not' to quote the blessed custy!!!)

It wasn't a requirement of the training though, the flying suits are quite baggy

HappyDaddy Wed 12-Jul-06 14:39:15

Trust me to choose the poorest taste joke, then!

I had a mate who wanted to be an RAF pilot, from a small boy, failed the medical but joined ground staff. He was like a kid at christmas.

Blandmum Wed 12-Jul-06 15:20:27

Don't worry, he is fine about it, Always has been

He always says that he gets paid to do his hobby.

he is off to the States the end of this week. Lucky begger

HappyDaddy Wed 12-Jul-06 15:52:45

Apart from it being his fantasy job, are the perks worthwhile for your family too? Accomodation, pension, etc? Sorry to pry.

Blandmum Wed 12-Jul-06 16:00:09

Accomodation is cheap(ish) but not fantastic, and is generaly liked to your hds rank (I kid you not!)

As a Flight Lt we were entitled to a three bedroom semi. Now he is a Squadron leader we could have a 4 bedroom semi or detatched. Counceil house type ....nothing wrong with it, but not going to win any dsign awards. TBH it is useful when you are first married, as you can save. Most of our mates live off base in our ouwn houses.

Pension is excellent, can't complain aboutr that at all.

Down sides, being moved...real PITA now we have kids, and tbh I'm not moving again.....have done 9 moves in 18 years of marriage....and we have stayed put for the last 6 years.

Als the wars get tense. Can't complain, it is his job, but I still feel sick with worry. He has just missed a chance to do 4 months in Bagdad....glad that fell to comeone else.

Good social life if you want it. Most of our mates are now civies.....we are also great friends with a sergent and his wife.....this would not be allowed to happen on base (what arse!)

HappyDaddy Thu 13-Jul-06 11:13:44

What wouldn't be allowed on base? To be friends with a sergeant and his wife?

Squadron leader sounds cool, always makes me think of tall slim men with straight moustaches and a glass of gin. Sorry .

Blandmum Thu 13-Jul-06 14:41:08

You are not enoucouraged to socialise between ranks (farcical, and insulting, isn't it?)

Non officers are not allowed in the officers mess without permission. Ditto officers in the sergents mess, sargents in the corporals mess etc etc.

If we have a whole squadron function it has to be held in a local hotel.

The utterly crazy thing is that this goes over to the wives, who sometimes taken on their husbands rank (words cannot discribe how stupid I find this)

And it cuts both ways. I have had women drop me as friends when they found out that dh is an officer!

Everything is driven by rank, from the size of house you get, to where you can park on base, to whether you have fitted carpets in your house!

Still can't get used to the fact that people salute dh and call him 'sir'.

No 'tash on dh (tho mine is getting bushey ) and he is teetotal

HappyDaddy Thu 13-Jul-06 21:31:59

I can understand the non socialising between ranks, the old military know your place malarky. But wives, too? That's a bit daft.

MrLSG Wed 26-Jul-06 14:28:56

These are great gadgets: Roomba . Distinct advantage over many gadgets of earning quite a few brownie points with dw.

EricL Mon 01-Oct-07 18:06:08

I'm really enjoying my mechanical corkscrew thingmajig at the moment.


NormaStanleyFletcher Mon 01-Oct-07 18:11:11

<<salutes MB>>

I am the wife of a lowly acting corporal (fixes tornados)

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