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aw11 Sun 03-Nov-13 18:48:41

Anyone 'get' my username?

HoneyDragon Tue 05-Nov-13 10:57:46

I have a Hyundai kettle

AlbertGiordino Tue 05-Nov-13 10:28:06

I've got a RENAULT CLIO Diesel that hasn't broken down

Exictement on wheels.


Mignonette Tue 05-Nov-13 09:23:28

I have a 1982 Black Mini Cooper (original) restored, named Cliff but driving it is like being chucked down a road inside a baked bean tin.

My DH has an Opel Manta in the garage being restored. Our town car is a bog standard Corsa. We aren't ££££ car people.

YoureBeingASillyBilly Tue 05-Nov-13 09:20:08

grin Pan

Pan Tue 05-Nov-13 08:41:37

tbf I also have a wizzy Chris Boardman 'Team' hybrid bike with ceramic block hydraulic disk brakes, slick tyres and a carbon fibre frame. (worth more than the car)

That doesn't have rear doors. But it does have a really big sunroof.

HoneyDragon Tue 05-Nov-13 07:20:35

I didn't really win. I only knew it was something on wheels due to a neighbour wanting one.

That's the extent of my knowledge grin

YoureBeingASillyBilly Mon 04-Nov-13 23:54:55

yes and the world has free access to them day or night grin

Pan Mon 04-Nov-13 23:50:50

Back doors? You have back doors? grin

YoureBeingASillyBilly Mon 04-Nov-13 22:08:29

oh yes, my back doors don't lock either and I cant work out how to turn on the back windscreen wiper.

Pan Mon 04-Nov-13 21:59:39

I've got a 1999 Vauxhall Astra. With no interior light, central locking or cd player. It's a fucking classic.

BOF Mon 04-Nov-13 21:49:14

My DP collects them- he's had a DB9, which he swapped for a Maserati, and he's had a Zonda, which he sold on eBay.

They were all matchbox or Tonka or something though.

YoureBeingASillyBilly Mon 04-Nov-13 21:48:57

I've got an '03 seat Toledo that lets water in when it rains. any good? grin

aw11 Mon 04-Nov-13 21:45:01

HoneyDragon wins....thought it's not an import (and less and less cheap everyday). Anyone else with a decent car on here?

Pan Mon 04-Nov-13 19:16:41

And I had you down as a petrol head.sad

TiggyD Mon 04-Nov-13 19:12:08

I cheated. I Googled.

Pan Mon 04-Nov-13 19:02:51

My answer too Tiggy!

Nice to see a petrol head in Dadsnet!

TiggyD Mon 04-Nov-13 18:58:42

It's the name of a Mazda car! Brace yourselves!

Pan Mon 04-Nov-13 18:30:26

I know. But I won't spoil it.

YoureBeingAnAnyFuckerFan Mon 04-Nov-13 18:23:45

Awll = owl? confused

MOIST Mon 04-Nov-13 18:20:47

Summut welsh backwsrds? Llwa?

kukeslala Mon 04-Nov-13 18:20:32

Just googeled its also something to do with a car?

kukeslala Mon 04-Nov-13 18:19:17

AW11- autumn winter 2011?
Showed on barcode at Tesco previously which were a sign the clothes were really cheap (normally 4p)...

usualsuspect Mon 04-Nov-13 18:18:44


MiconiumHappens Mon 04-Nov-13 18:17:47

Autumn Winter 2011

OneStepCloser Mon 04-Nov-13 18:17:01


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