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Health care rights

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Alonglongway Thu 21-Feb-13 01:57:45

So why are they chasing you for the missed appointments?

meitisi Thu 21-Feb-13 01:13:15

I share care for nearly 2 years now with my ex-wife (50/50) of our 7 and 4 yr old kids. When we separated and both moved to new homes I provided their GP with our addresses. Recently when I took the children to the doctors, I was informed by the pharmacist that the registered address was my ex-wifes. When I contacted the surgery they indicated that the children can only be registered at one address and there is an assumption that it will be the mothers. In tandem with this the nurse at the surgery contacted me to ask why the kids had missed an inoculation appt which had been sent to my wife and which I had never been made aware of. I have tried to rearrange the appointment as they have now sent 2 appts to my ex and she has not taken the kids. They say they cannot send me the appt as the registered address is not mine. Given we both have equal rights and responsibilities, can the surgery/health board refuse to recognise both addresses when this is in the interests of the children? Unfortunately there is no communication from my ex and I can no longer afford solicitors to resolve this and achieve a separation agreement.

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