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Fleece lined trousers

(6 Posts)
stainesmassif Thu 22-Nov-12 08:11:07

Dh wants some. He has some cargo pants with lining from gap and ideally would like another 6 pairs. They don't sell them anymore.
Clearly this doesn't belong in s&b. Does anyone know where we can buy non-showerproof non- square lined trousers?
Thanks in advance.

stainesmassif Thu 22-Nov-12 21:00:58

Somehow I knew I'd end up bumping this.

stainesmassif Fri 23-Nov-12 09:25:49

Come on!! Dads. Who like to have warm legs. I know you're out there.

GetAllTheThings Fri 23-Nov-12 11:25:23

I wear thermals under my trousers when it gets cold. When it's really cold and snowy the ski trousers come out. Tres sexay !

I'd start off trying an outdoor shop to start with like Blacks ( if they still exist ) , otherwise Google throws up some results.

BelaLugosisShed Fri 23-Nov-12 12:15:16

Try the GoOutdoors website.

stainesmassif Fri 23-Nov-12 22:16:59

There you go! Many thanks.

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