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slippers on.....

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GetAllTheThings Mon 22-Oct-12 13:22:41

< rustles paper >

< picks nose >

GetAllTheThings Tue 23-Oct-12 09:32:52

< cocks rifle to shoot put almost dead horse of Dadsnet out of it's misery >

TiggyD Wed 24-Oct-12 22:24:07


We're thinking manly thoughts.

TiggyD Wed 24-Oct-12 22:29:12

hmm Grouting...

hmm Ladies' wobbly parts are nice...

hmm How long should I stay looking under this bonnet with my concentrating face on when I have no fucking clue what any of those bits do?...

hmm It's been ages since I last bought a power tool...

GetAllTheThings Thu 25-Oct-12 10:29:50

< peers over top of newspaper >

My manly thoughts these days revolve around which pull ups I should buy ( not for me I hasten to add ) , spaghetti recipes and interior decoration.

I do occasionally get distracted by women's wobbly bits though. Firm bits too.

GetAllTheThings Fri 26-Oct-12 16:56:02

< administers CPR >

CLEAR ! Come on live damn you !!


PanonHigh Fri 26-Oct-12 22:44:01


GetAllTheThings Sat 27-Oct-12 17:06:17

< pours Pan a pint of Ram and Special >

ScaryBeardyDeadyman Sat 27-Oct-12 18:46:20

I say chaps, there are fine welsh beers on offer at lidl. That might get the conversation flowing...

GetAllTheThings Mon 29-Oct-12 12:37:55

Welsh beers ay . Bit of a Southerner myself , can't actually think of any Welsh bitters. Usually I'm on the Young's Special ( with a bottle of Ramrod ) or TEA.

< buries head in paper again >

ScaryBeardyDeadyman Mon 29-Oct-12 13:18:54

I'm a fine Southern gentleman myself, but I spent some time in the more civilised parts of the principality.

<pops the top on a bottle of Brain's SA>

GetAllTheThings Mon 29-Oct-12 13:41:59

Best bottled beer I've had the good fortune to drink was St Peters organic.

I had a St Andrews brew recently, that was rather nice.

< goes off to explore Welsh beers >

ScaryBeardyDeadyman Mon 29-Oct-12 13:59:07

St Peters are very nice indeed. My personal favourite is deuchars Caledonian IPA. Can't get it round my way anymore though sad

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