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What paternity leave policies do you have?

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Hettieboo Tue 24-Jul-12 12:17:51

My oh works for a Russian company in their small London office......our baby is due today.....he has asked HR (based in Cyprus?!?!) to advised of paternity leave since January and hasn't got a response yet. It is more than likely that he will have to write the policy so if you could share your companies policies, tat would be great!

joshuasdad Wed 25-Jul-12 16:57:26

We get two weeks which is pretty standard. I took mine a couple of weeks after the birth as there wasn't that much I could do until DW had established feeding.

zippey Fri 10-Aug-12 00:21:24

My last job when I had baby had 2 weeks fully paid. I took 2 weeks holiday on top of that so 4 weeks off from date of birth. It was magic.

New job has 2 weeks, but only on statutory pay, so it wouldnt be worthwhile for me to take it.

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