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Grumpy old men!!!

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anairofhopeFORGOLD Thu 16-Aug-12 21:54:23

My dh is more grumpy and he has more gray in his hair since we had dd. I think its two children that has aged him but at lest now he can do sessional work in December lol

PissyDust Thu 16-Aug-12 21:46:21

Are you my DH?

FasterHigherBeardierDaddyman Thu 16-Aug-12 21:45:08

I used to be cool and chilled. Then I had kids...

amillionyears Thu 16-Aug-12 21:43:47

I pointed out to my DH,that he was heading that way.I pointed out to him that he was turning into someone we know locally.
He hasnt done it since!

mobileadam Thu 16-Aug-12 21:38:45

I think we lose some sense of patience, plus with kids, work life etc it is all so hectic so when someone is messing around or not doing things the way you would hope I find myself getting a little tetchy since I've got better things to do.

Plus we have learnt / developed our tastes better so we know what we want and can't be bothered to put up with sub-standard stuff normally - hence we appear more 'grumpy'

dranksinatra Wed 15-Aug-12 18:08:25

I agree, you do get a bit more grizzled as the years pass.
Its being a connoseur(sp?) of life.

ThatBlokeCalledSteve Mon 06-Aug-12 15:44:34

I've been grumpy for years :-)
Age has nothing to do with it....

peoplesrepublicofmeow Sun 22-Jul-12 08:23:20

i get slightly grumpier with each year that passes. bringing up kids is a young mans game!

madas Fri 13-Jul-12 20:21:32

Cant argue with that lol

UltimateDetermination Fri 13-Jul-12 18:49:28

Yes grin

madas Fri 13-Jul-12 14:32:49

Is it just me ?

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