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Help please, chaps!

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Mumsnut Tue 06-Sep-11 12:02:32

Which electric razor? DH's birthday is imminent ...

JohnnyRod Tue 06-Sep-11 18:02:01

Rotary ones e.g. Philishave aren't bad. Foil type ones like Braun cut a little closer but don't work on anything but short stubble so are a bit crap really. I'm not convinced all this floaty-head thing makes a big difference, but Philips are usually a good bet.

DanFmDorking Tue 06-Sep-11 23:13:30

I’m afraid it’s a matter of personal preference. Be prepared to choose the wrong one!

I find the Rotary ones useless, they tear my face. I have a Braun foil and it’s excellent. They are quick, close and easy to use.

I know full well other views will differ.

You might like to say something like “I don’t want to give you something you don’t like so here’s some money to choose the one you really want”.

traveller1981 Wed 07-Sep-11 09:12:51

I would buy one, but make sure it is easy to change, and say once he has opened it, that you did some research, but if it isn't the one he likes to use, you are happy for him to change it. Cash to me is a bit of a cop out. I would rather have something to open, that showed they tried, rather than just receive cash from the other half. Just my opinion though. smile

Mumsnut Wed 07-Sep-11 19:24:19

Thank you all - DH is clueless as to which to get, with the proviso that he wouldn't buy the make he's got again. I bravely said I would do the research and surprise him! The Braun foil sounds like a good bet though.

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