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IS this the only dads net there is just an add on???????

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happy4eva Thu 04-Aug-11 22:15:26

Is there not a special websites for dads like mumsnet or nannet???????????

KellyHopter Thu 29-May-14 13:41:57

I think you all need to take a step back, catch your breath.

TiggyD Thu 29-May-14 20:42:26

I see it's all kicked off in here again.

Kleptronic Thu 29-May-14 21:00:49

Happy human day peoplenet! <waves at Tiggy in a non-gender specific fashion>

TiggyD Sun 22-Jun-14 15:52:17

Happy My Birthday Dadsnet!

Ginocchio Sat 28-Jun-14 13:09:24

Tiggy happy birthday for last week!

I haven't RTFT - it was waaay too long for that, but I feel compelled to add my own unconsidered opinion.

I reckon yes. I mean, I thought no, but then I was convinced by a poorly worded argument, so I changed my mind. So. there.

AlbertGiordino Tue 15-Jul-14 22:51:57

are we all still here? give me a shout if you're not.

TiggyD Mon 25-Aug-14 22:16:56

Well I'm still here. Don't want to post too much as the thread is getting dangerously close to being full.

Will wish you all a happy Halloween later on.

PansOtherPeople Wed 10-Sep-14 13:01:49

Is every thread in DN a zombie thread?

possibly. Needs a bit of thinking time that one.

TiggyD Sat 18-Oct-14 16:43:51

Not all of them.

WowserBooooooooooooser Tue 21-Oct-14 14:37:13

Happy Judge Judy's Birthday, Dadsnet!

EvilTiggyD Fri 31-Oct-14 16:04:42

Happy Halloween Dadsnet!

MuddyBootsAndPinkCoats Wed 19-Nov-14 20:18:34

Happy international men's day !

rpdss Wed 19-Nov-14 22:39:38


I recently put a questionnaire in "Classified, NFP surveys" requesting the urgent help of 25 stay at home dads (SAHDs). I am doing some research into how SAHDs are perceived by different parental groups e.g. working moms, working dads and stay at home mothers and whether they are part of society's ingroup. However, what I am missing is how SAHD's perceive they are being viewed by other parents. I would greatly appreciate your help.

I am a full time student and a father to a two year girl. With my flexible student hours I spend more time with my daughter than my wife and at playgrounds etc I am definitely still a novelty. I am interested in SAHDs opinions on this so please take my questionnaire.

Thanks, I am not allowed to post my survey here so please take the time to visit the NFP Survey section


PauletteTheTart Fri 05-Dec-14 16:35:49

Quote IfNotNowThenWhen :- "Just popped in over here to give the place a bit of a dust."

Am I not the only dad with a feather duster then? blush

DeePancrisPandevenistaken Wed 24-Dec-14 13:37:14

Merry Christmas Dadsnet!!

TiggyD Thu 25-Dec-14 16:51:12

Merry christmas Dadsnet!

DoctorTwo Thu 25-Dec-14 19:30:29

And the same to you Pan and the Tigmeister grin

TheOfficialPan Wed 31-Dec-14 21:31:19

Happy Noo Year, Dadsnet!!
and to you Dr and TheTiggy grin

jim8888 Sun 11-Jan-15 09:14:30

The closest I've found to a Dadsnet is

TiggyD Sun 11-Jan-15 14:22:14

" requesting the urgent help of 25 stay at home dads" - How urgent was it rpdss?

Daddr Sat 17-Jan-15 23:25:30

Tiggy - I am so sorry you were stripped of your KBE for services to online dad fora - what happened? You have been maning these empty halls faithfully with festive greetings for so long... so very, very long. You're the "last post" trumpeter of this thread.

AlbertGiordino Wed 04-Feb-15 08:26:01

Got busy in here for a bit, didn't it?

wobblebobblehat Wed 04-Feb-15 08:42:15

It's normally women who are tacked on as an afterthought.

Makes a change for the shoe to be on the other foot...

TiggyOfQuirm Sun 15-Mar-15 20:49:22

Happy Mother's's's Day 2015 Dadsnet.

Can't believe it's been a whole year since I last posted that. Time flies.

derailleurdePan Mon 16-Mar-15 00:29:13

and there goes 100 3 and a half years. Steady.

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