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mrsmerryberry Fri 13-May-11 23:05:22

Thought I would ask you dads what you would like for Fathers Day, which is just round the corner and get some ideas, as I always struggle.

What would you like from your children?

What would you like from your partners?

ZimboMum Sat 14-May-11 05:25:44

Not a dad, but I'm hoping DH is going to like the collage mug I've ordered for him covered in photos of 6 mo DS! That will be from DS and I won't get him something from me as he isn't my dad! smile

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Sat 14-May-11 05:44:46

I agree with Zimbo, nothing from partners for mothers and fathers day they are not your DM or DD.

Anything hand made from children, especially if it is written "I love papa"... [melting dad emoticon]

indimom Mon 06-Jun-11 19:27:07

A personalised gift is always a winner. Check out these gorgeous personalised name prints at Namesakes - better hurry!

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