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An outbreak of honesty at the Theme Park

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UrbanDad Mon 09-May-11 13:34:19

Theme Parks massively over-sell tickets so you have to queue for hours for the big attractions, which is waste of your time, gets your kids fidgety and irritable and generally makes a pile of poo of an otherwise nice day.

I humbly offer my solution - Theme Park operators take note:
Sell day tickets for [x] number of attractions and you pay per the number of attractions you want to see. Visitors then book online or at the park a 20-30min slot in which to return to the attraction and join a much shorter queue for that slot. Thus visitors pay only for what they actually can and do use, it allow them to plan their day, wander around and enjoy themselves instead of queuing themselves to death and having a miserable time with kids screaming they're bored, kicking each other and getting sunstroke. It might also force Theme Park operators to be honest about how many people their attractions can actually accommodate and to stop selling when the limit is reached. If that happens, people who are pre-booking can then select a day on which they are actually likely to get on the rides and book that instead.
Sell cheaper tickets for those who are fine about taking their chances and waiting in a longer, non-booked queue.

Simple - job done. grin And, by the way, the Theme Park will make more money because people will do other things inbetween rides instead of standing letting their will to live slowly seep away, they will not get cross and they will actually want to come back.

Instead, Theme Parks crush as many punters in as possible and then squeeze a further fistful of silver out of your disappointment and frustration when you get there when you feel forced to buy the "early pass" or "queue-jumping pass" to avoid your children having a meltdown, thus ensuring that everyone feels p:ssed off and either frazzled or diddled.

Alton Towers - I'm talking to you. Read Tripadvisor and you will know that I am not alone.

BandMsDad Mon 09-May-11 14:44:45

They already do this at Disneyland Paris. If you stay in one of their hotels, you get let into the park earlier than the Joe Le Public and you can pre-book the rides you want to go on once you're in the park, thus avoiding huge queues.

I believe Alton Towers ran the fast track scheme for a while (not sure if they still do) where you could pay extra and skip the queues. Fine in theory, but this essentially creates a two tier theme park system for those who can afford not to queue and those who can't.

SilkySilky Thu 28-Jul-11 22:59:20

Decent original idea. But fast track pass is way to go, works great in Florida parks.

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