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Clocks ticking... what should we do BC that we cant do AC?

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BadgerBoy Thu 03-Mar-11 21:15:08

So anything we should be doing in the run up to d-day that we can't do after?

i.e. posh dinner, lads nights out, bike rides, weekends away, buy ipad2 etc.

Does life as you know it BC change AC?

Bit bit worried...

MavisEnderby Thu 03-Mar-11 21:16:49

Definitely changes.

Would do all of the above things

MavisEnderby Thu 03-Mar-11 21:21:25

On the plus side once your child reaches ooh about 5 it is real fun and you can do loads of good Lego Star Wars,take em to football,take em to watch kids films at the cinema,beat them at football in the park,teach em to ride a bike.The possibilities are endless,lol

Cicatrice Thu 03-Mar-11 21:23:24

Be spontaneous.

meditrina Thu 03-Mar-11 21:23:43

Spend 30mins uninterrupted in the loo with the newspaper.

givemesomespace Fri 04-Mar-11 08:44:41

what Cicatrice said - 100%

eeore Fri 04-Mar-11 12:37:01


nocake Tue 15-Mar-11 13:09:46

Go out for dinner..... a lot!

alexsdad Tue 15-Mar-11 13:46:32

Travel. Especially to places where the hygine may be a bit dodgy. Surprising how throughts of how free, easy and relaxed you will be about such things change...

ANYTHING which involves going out together in the evening - be it meals, pubs, clubs, cinema, sports, whatever. Drinking to excess, together!

But on the whole, MavisEnerby has some excellent points. Start saving up for some of those Lego Star Wars kits now. They cost a fortune!

Kiwiinkits Sun 27-Mar-11 02:18:59

Agree with the suggestion of travel to places with dodgy hygeine. Get all your travelling out of your system because when you travel with kids your itinerary pretty much always revolves around what they are into / can cope with.

lazysod Sun 27-Mar-11 22:46:39

you advocate taking a pregnant lady to places with poor hygiene?

hermitcrab Mon 28-Mar-11 11:39:32

appreciate every single time you get in the car, start the engine, and just pull away. This simple procedure will take at least 10 minutes once you're trying to clip in car seats after digging through the pile of childrens rubbish to get at the clip.

Kiwiinkits Mon 28-Mar-11 15:19:58

Yep it's easy to be a pregnant traveller - just make sure she drinks bottled water and doesn't eat the salad and she'll be fine. It really can't be easy to trek around far and away places with young kids so I really think get your travelling in while you can.

franksadad Mon 28-Mar-11 19:12:34

and drinking to excess alexsdad.. might be on your own with that one!
although sainsburys do a huge selection of alcohol free wines now.. cant say i see the point though id rather have ribena tbh

traveller1981 Tue 05-Apr-11 15:13:25

New dad to be here and first post!

I'm liking this thread! I also like the idea of getting the new iPad before the baby arrives, but alas, all my money seems to be going on Mamas and Papas baby stuff! Bye bye gadget fund.

franksadad - totally agree with the alcohol free drinks. As much as I like beer etc, the alcohol free versions just don't taste the same. I would rather have a ribena.
I seem to have inadvertently stopped drinking since I found out my partner was pregnant as we don't have those Friday night beers and all that anymore. It's not as fun to drink on your own. I'm sure that will change come summer though.

2cats2many Tue 05-Apr-11 15:17:49

Get some sleep. Lots of sleep. Stay in bed and read books all weekend before its too late. You can't underestimate how much of battlefield lie ins become after the baby is born, so relish it while you can.

luluzulu Tue 05-Apr-11 20:06:30

2cats2many- best advice ever! i'm definatley getting my lie -ins as i know i'm probs not gonna get another for a few years

BelfastBloke Thu 07-Apr-11 08:37:57

Agree with the suggestion of travel to places with dodgy hygeine.

shrinkingnora Thu 07-Apr-11 08:42:51

Have a hot drink while it is still hot.

Go to the pub in the afternoon and then have one of those lovely drifty afternoon/evenings where you end up ringing friends to join you and just chatting until the small hours without having to be constantly aware that your babysitter is costing you £5 per hour and one of you has to be relatively awake and responsible by 6am <sobs>

cottonreels Mon 18-Apr-11 20:48:00


cottonreels Mon 18-Apr-11 20:48:40

and write a whole sentence uninterupted grin

Prunnhilda Mon 18-Apr-11 20:53:42

Spend a whole day (or more) just doing whatever you want, whenever you want. Eat when you're hungry and go where you want, at your own pace.

You won't really miss this for the first few months, but once you have a child who eats food you will be tied to the tyranny of the mealtime in a way you never were before. For bloody years!

hairman Sun 22-May-11 21:16:12

Register for a nursery place if you live in London.
Enjoy a room that doesn't have kiddie detritus.

nocake Tue 24-May-11 16:52:43

Read in bed. Both my DW and I are dreaming of the day DD moves to her own room and we can put the lights on in the bedroom at night.

Peetle Mon 06-Jun-11 10:22:07

"all my money seems to be going on Mamas and Papas baby stuff". Get used to that, traveller 1981. You think you're just "buying stuff for when the baby comes" but you're actually now shopping the way you will until they leave home. And probably longer.

Oh and go skiing, if you're a skiier. I've not been for almost 5 years and I get withdrawal symptoms from about December to March every year. I have hopes of getting my 4.5 year old twins on snow next year, finances permitting.

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