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Ex is moving kids out of school for 6th time!!!!

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tastetherainbow Fri 07-Jan-11 15:58:34

hi there im hoping someone can give advice, this could get long....
My ex wife who i have 3 children with... she has always had history of stopping ontact despite court orders in place. She has met a man who she has only been in a relationship with for 8 months however after only 2 months she wanted baby by him, got engaged and even had cheek to ask me if he could adopt the youngest daughter as he had grown attached and she was calling her new boyfriend Dad. they broke up xmas eve and got back together boxing day and within the make up time had decided she should move into his house with him for a 'fresh start' this i feel is ridiculous!! my eldest 9yr old does not want to move schools as he has moved 6 times in 4 rys and is settled in his current situation. However word has it her new boyfriend has got the sack for stealing so has no form of income even though he has re morgaged his house, i know there plan is to have her live in his house so he can claim dss and pay his mortgage he not interested in the kids he made that clear. her side of the family are not happy with the decision she has made as the kids dont want to move but also there is somethingstarnge about this man. he has told her and myself he has locks on the living room door and kids are banned from it as it has glass furniture... he eats off paper plates and plastic cutlery as he doesnt like washing up or any mess, he is house proud but to the extreme. i then found out through my weekend contact last week that he is smacking my daughter and calling her bitch when 'mummy isnt around'. yet even though my ex knows my daughter has never lied she still sticks up for her boyfriend by calling our daughter a liar without sitting down and talking to her.. as you can imagine i am going out of my mind with worry. they have no income its his house his rules, they wont listen to kids they thinking about themselves i have phoned social services already so just wait and see what they say but i dont kno what else i can....

earwicga Fri 07-Jan-11 16:33:58

You'll have established parental rights I assume because of the court orders. Use them.

haggis01 Fri 07-Jan-11 16:36:15

Gosh how awful for you and your poor children. No wonder you are worried. I suppose there is no point in trying to talk to your ex about your concerns over a drink or something. Could you talk to a solicitor or Law centre about getting more access or joint custody -if that is an option. Good luck

tastetherainbow Fri 07-Jan-11 16:43:47

well. my ex is a nasty charachter when i left her 4 years ago yes this is carrying on for 4 yrs!!!.... she doesnt like our son, she is always abusive to him, calls him vile names threatens him with childrens home, even at one point gave him black eye!!!! to which i reported her but because it wasnt purposely done it was accidentle whil she slapped him across face, the social services said to police they will put her in parenting police dropped case against her.... he has lived with us 3 times because she cant deal with him even though i explain he wants love and attention. she is one of them where she will spend all her money on fags and 10p crisps and take aways hence why she now weighs 23 stone!!!!.... my point is when she met her boyfriend she begged me to have my son live with me cos she couldnt deal with him i knew it was cos he was causing problems for her relationship and her new fella doesnt like my son either he favours the 2 girls, i have expressed concerns time and time agin but nooone wants to listen cos she goes to parenting classes they see it as she is excepting help.... i do have PR and im due back in court next week so will be bringing my concerns up again she even has new soliciotr because she went through 7 solicitors with the last company and they got fed up of her stopping contact for unfound reasons and then having to go back to court... im just so tired and ill from it.... 4yrs this has gone on for, i have told her she brought kids into world with my help she is responsible for there welfare but she dont see it like that she is doing it to prove a point that she is happy....

earwicga Fri 07-Jan-11 17:20:23

I hope things get cleared up in court next week. I'm pretty sure that you can ask that the children stay at the same school.

tastetherainbow Fri 07-Jan-11 17:23:29

well i thought i could apply through courts as under childrens act of 1989, they go by the feelings and wishes of the child my only problem is i dont have the accomaodation for him to live with us and with her moving 20 miles away i couldnt really demand he stay in same school while he lives with her.....

earwicga Fri 07-Jan-11 17:27:57

I would of thought they could stop the move if it is considered to not be in the best needs of the child.

You really need to speak to your solicitor to find out what your options are before the hearing.

Snorbs Fri 07-Jan-11 17:32:05

You can apply for a Prohibited Steps Order to stop your child from moving school without your consent and without good reason.

Have you talked to Families Need Fathers at all?

cadbilly Sun 16-Jan-11 20:41:12

press charges if anyone hits your kids. Dont wait for SS your kids are on the bottom of the pile,she would have to be sat astride them knocking six bells out of them, before they would write a decent report. Cafcass are are worse

JoanofArgos Sun 16-Jan-11 20:47:16

they cannot stop the move, if the mother wants it and there is no reason to think the children are in physical danger when they are with her. This sucks. To say 'use you PR' doesn't quite cut it.

TTR, what a horrible situation - no advice but I hope things work out.

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