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The rolling Football thread

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BelfastBloke Wed 08-Dec-10 10:28:19

There are quite a lot of football fans on MN, and also loads of football-haters. If we hide here in Dadsnet, none of the detractors will find us. But if they do, they are welcome to come here and moan.

You don’t have to be male to post here, of course. (No-one would say women can’t post in the Dadsnet section, just like no woman would EVER say men aren’t welcome on Mumsnet…)

Footy fans please sign in with

1. Which team you support.
2. Which team(s) you loathe.
3. How you are getting your kids to follow the correct team.
4. A thought on the season so far (Premiership/Championship/Champions’ League/FA Cup/League Cup/(el clasico?)/World Cup bids.

BelfastRingingOutForXmasBloke Sat 18-Dec-10 15:32:16

Well I was driving to Arsenal until the cancellation of our game. Bad for me, a lot worse for our opponents Stoke!

purepurple Sat 18-Dec-10 16:41:50

One nil. A good result, and 6th place. I am amazed to learn that we have yet to be beaten at home this season.
Howay the lads!

KenDoddsDadsDogEatsTinsel Sat 18-Dec-10 19:20:54

Man Utd next!

jenniferturkington Mon 20-Dec-10 12:18:52

Well we had yet another match postponed- very annoying as it was away at Brighton (which is where I live!). Felt sorry for travelling Notts fans though as it was only called off an hour before KO on Friday night.

BelfastRingingOutForXmasBloke Thu 23-Dec-10 09:37:20

There's a school of thought amongst Arsenal fans that getting knocked out of the Champions' League by Barca nice and early will allow us to "concentrate on the league".

All very well, but only if we spend in the transfer window. Which Wenger will not.

Truckulent Thu 23-Dec-10 22:59:12

Who is up for grabs though? Joey Barton?

BelfastRingingOutForXmasBloke Fri 24-Dec-10 07:49:23

The Guardian seem to think that Gary Cahill and Joleon Lescott are available.

Normally I would trust Wenger to turn up with someone amazing that no-one's ever heard of, but I don't trust his judgement in defence. Obviously he can (and does) buy brilliant attackers.

Moaning, sorry. Just getting nervous about the Chelsea visit to us on Monday.

(About the match itself, I mean, although an evening game for a London derby after a full day's holiday drinking doesn't sound like the best idea for crowd control).

BelfastBloke (Arse)
Whathappened (Spurs)
Truckulent (a Midlands team)
Jenniferturkington (Notts County)
Purepurple (Sunderland, Blackpool)

CraigRevelPan Sat 25-Dec-10 14:38:47

Pan ( Man U).

Have been since the days of the holy trinity. Through the dark days of Div2 footie.
We are playing ropey footie at the mo. and missing Valencia more than I thought we would.
Agree with The Wizard when he indicates Spurs will get knocked off course by Europe and Arsenal need a bit more grit. ( though some of their tackling up here 2 weeks ago was pretty tasty). Chelski will come good. Nice to see MCFC slowly implode. Again.

Truckulent Sun 26-Dec-10 09:03:05

Man u fans regularly say I've supported them for years, not a criticism an observation.

I assume this is to stop accusations of being a glory fan?

Truckulent Sun 26-Dec-10 09:05:14

I think ManU, Chelsea and Arsenal look a bit ropey compared to years gone by.

I want Spurs to win it, have you seen Chelsea's debts?
Football isn't sustainable at this rate.

CraigRevelPan Sun 26-Dec-10 10:01:49

yes truck - am used to this. It annoys a bit, when I remember standing in the rain watching my beloved team having to play Orient ( no disrespect to Orient.....) Div 2 1974-75 season, when a few short years prior we had Europe at our feet. (also was born in the same village as Sir MAtt and we have family relations there AND was raised about 1 mile from Old Trafford - suspect I am over-doing the brandy butter here!)

A bit relieved Sunderland have injury concerns, and young Welbeck is barred. Really good to see Asamoa Ghan (sp) settling in so well, though.

BelfastRingingOutForXmasBloke Sun 26-Dec-10 13:55:50

Woe betide anyone who suggests my Irish family are glory-hunters for supporting Man U.

There immediately follows a torrent of reasons, charting their first shit games they went to (a la Pan), the course of Irish immigration into Manchester and Liverpool, the religious/sectarian history of Citeh and United (and L'Pool and Everton), names and stats about Irish players for United over the years, and on and on.

CraigRevelPan Sun 26-Dec-10 15:26:31

Being Glaswegian-ish I know what you mean by the sectarianism....
first game was in the 1968-69 season. Only B&W telly, so was utterly dazzled by seeing the Sky Blue of Coventry, the blood red of Utd and the greeness of the grass!! No less dazzled though by the play of Georgie. [suddenly feeling very old emocion]

I see the Berb is back in business today....

Saltatrix Sun 26-Dec-10 15:38:59

1.Arsenal v.v

2.Chelsea and ManU

3.Constant love of sexy football the only thing going for Arsenal atm

4.Right now Wenger annoys the F*** out of me I am annoyed at the Arsenal making damn stupid errors pissed off at the defence (except Sagna)and him not wanting to buy players.

Truckulent Mon 27-Dec-10 19:20:58

Anyone watching Arsenal-Chelsea?

BelfastRingingOutForXmasBloke Tue 28-Dec-10 00:05:11

I've just made it back home after experiencing it in all its glory! I've been moaning about the defence but it was brilliant tonight (Clichy excepted, obviously).

Truckulent Tue 28-Dec-10 00:19:38

It was a good performance. Chelsea looked poor.

AVeryMerryPersonalClown Tue 28-Dec-10 00:44:01

Tottenham till I die!!grin

Can't stand Chelski or ARSEnal so tonight's match was a riot!

DS is ASD so I don't force it on him. He doesn't get the point and going to a match is simply out of the question.

I'm loving the Prem ATM. So wide open and full of surprises.

Saltatrix Tue 28-Dec-10 11:14:59

Yes Truck was good was a bit worried after chelsea scored but pleased with the outcome ManU next grin

A very open season

CraigRevelPan Tue 28-Dec-10 12:28:51

"ManU next grin"


Saltatrix Tue 28-Dec-10 13:42:37

The last game was lucky sad

whathappened Fri 31-Dec-10 14:47:28

I am just loving it that spurs are running onto the pitch full of confidence.hope we can keep doing well in the prem once our champions league games resume.great for spurs to be in the mix up top,makes it more people see city slipping up?Dont like the cold,these big superstars,do they!If i was a manager i would slaughter any player that dare wear one of those stupid snood things,cant bear it when any spurs players wear gloves.what would Billy Bremner say!
happy new year to you all and hope for plenty more good football next year.

BelfastRingingOutForXmasBloke Fri 31-Dec-10 20:12:51

I couldn't care less about all the snoods and gloves. All these things are mostly psychological, anyway, like Robbie Fowler and his nose strips or Patrick Vieira with his shirt smeared with Vicks (whatever happened to those 'scientific' advantages?)

If the players think it helps them play better, let 'em go for it.

CraigRevelPan Sat 01-Jan-11 19:56:06

The Arse are looking a bit gud.

BelfastRingingOutForXmasBloke Sat 01-Jan-11 23:05:12

Arsenal always do look good until they look bad.

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