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Which car???!

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MrsHarry Mon 06-Dec-10 09:40:41

Does anyone know of a make of family car, not a people carrier, which will very comfortably seat 3 in the back (one of those seats currently holds bulky car seat, soon to be booster seat)?

Also looking for big boot space so thinking about estates first, but possibly big saloon.

Not Ford.....DH won't entertain the idea (don't ask!)

Any good ideas please?

SlobbyBOB Mon 06-Dec-10 10:00:03

Budget, Petrol/ diesel miles, new or used ?

Volvo V60 Skoda Octavia saloon or estate.

VW Passat, Mazda&

Buy some car mags and look at specs etc, make a short list and got and look at a few to compare.

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