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Bibs or waist tights?

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MrsAvocet Tue 01-Dec-20 12:53:04

I've lost a lot of weight this year (3 stonegrin) so all my winter kit is way too big now. I've been looking at thermal tights and can't decide what type to get. In the summer I always wear bub shorts as I think they are far more comfortable, but going to the loo is such a faff. In summer when its warm and I'm not wearing many layers its ok, but in winter, basically stripping off in a freezing public loo isn't appealing. I've currently got a pair of really nice high waisted thermal tights from Ale which I bought in the sale a few years ago - they would have been out of my price range at full price - but I can't find any that are similar but affordable at the moment. Just wondering what everyone else wears and if you have any recommendations? My upper price limit is probably around £85. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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noodlmcdoodl Tue 01-Dec-20 22:51:44

Bibs! Wouldn’t wear waist if I was paid.

They look better (no bulges), stay in place and most importantly are warmer. I like the ones that zip up to the top of the chest for added coziness. For your budget I’d recommend Wiggles DHB women’s thermal classic bibs. The pad is comfy for longer (3+ hour) rides. They wash well. Mine are now 4 years old and worn several times a week autumn- spring and still in good condition (unlike my 3x the price assos tights which dropped to bits!!).

In terms of wee stops. I wear everything except my jacket (unless I have a gilet on top, then jacket goes under bib too) under the bib... then you don’t get too cold stopping as you’re not stripping too much off.

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