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Liv Alight sizing - 5"9, M or L?

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anew101 Sun 04-Oct-20 21:42:59

If anyone out there has this bike would you mind letting me know what size you'd recommend? I'm 5"9 and a half, with long legs, and newish to cycling so smaller might be better, but want handle bar high so maybe bigger better? The sizing charts seem a bit conflicting, I'm confused and obviously in these times, with bikes scarse, it's hard to go to a bike shop and try them both! If anyone has this bike and is taller than average please help!
Thank you!

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Hoppybunny Mon 05-Oct-20 18:42:22

I really would recommend getting somewhere that you can try a bike for size if at all possible. Liv pride themselves as women’s bikes with women’s geometry which can be fantastic if you are more petite, as compared to unisex/male models they offer shorter reach narrower handle bars and sometimes even shorter cranks (size dependent) I am tall and personally I tried a large liv bike and everything felt quite cramped for me (particularly the narrow handlebars) and found a giant medium in the same style a much better fit for my size and style of riding but everyone is different,

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