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Bicycle pump

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Dilbertian Wed 02-Sep-20 08:35:59

This is ridiculous. I cannot keep having to ask dh to pump up my wheels. It's something I've always struggled with. Even when I was a fit teen I preferred to use the air thing at the petrol station, and now that I'm (much) older, fatter and weaker I cannot get the wheels anywhere near firm enough with a conventional bike pump. We've got several, ranging from about 8" long to about 16" long.

Is there another solution (preferably that doesn't cost ££££)?

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Lonelycrab Wed 02-Sep-20 09:06:51

Track pump.

Google tells me Halfords do one for £12. Decathlon one for £15. They normally make light work of getting the air in.

Pan2 Wed 02-Sep-20 22:16:21

Yep, track pumps are a god-send. No more excessive efforts in squeezing the last bit in - and chasing the wheel round the room.

a handful of downward pushes and job done.

ragged Wed 02-Sep-20 22:26:26

Track pump or car tyre pump if schraeder valve.

prettybird Thu 03-Sep-20 12:09:12

I always manage to lose more air putting the pump on/off the valve than I manage to pump in to the tyre blush

ForestDad Thu 03-Sep-20 12:11:15

Bontrager track pump. Just got one, metal base and apparently spares are available if you need them.

Dilbertian Thu 03-Sep-20 16:32:49

I have fallen down a rabbit hole of pumps and valves - who knew there were so many different types?! There are even rechargeable electric pumps that fit on a bike shock I may get one of those, because I'm not sure my decrepit back would cope with the bending for a track pump.

Only... a little concerned that everyone has recommended a track pump, and nobody has mentioned an electric pump.

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ForestDad Thu 03-Sep-20 16:58:09

I'd say that if your back's well enough to ride a bike you can use a track pump. But an electric one would be less effort!

lljkk Thu 03-Sep-20 16:58:15

Lidl sells track pumps for £10, electric pump costs £20+?

Lonelycrab Thu 03-Sep-20 16:58:50

Valve the same as a car tyre=Schrader

Thinner with screw in top=Presta

Those are the main two. Schrader generally easier to pump as less leakage.

I’m a very keen rider and have never ever seen or heard of people using electric pumps, so I assume they’re a gimmick/solution to a non existent problem.

You could always use a track pump whilst sat on a chair so you’re not bending over- they are so so easy compared to a normal pump.

Dilbertian Fri 04-Sep-20 00:03:27

I shall have to go to a real shop and play with a track pump. I cannot manage the pull-and-push pump we have for inflatables. Cycling, my spine moves relatively little. Exerting force with my back bent over, particularly pulling upwards, is very stressful for my spine.

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ForestDad Fri 04-Sep-20 13:18:32

Thanks for the explanation on your back. I hope that you find something suitable! Track pumps only pump on the downstroke, unlike push pull pumps which are designed for high volume output.

prettybird Fri 04-Sep-20 14:51:20

I remember having to buy ds an expensive little pump that could do a high enough pressure for his racing. All I can remember about it was that it was all metal. I went to our LBS and asked their advice.

Dilbertian Fri 04-Sep-20 15:51:24


Thanks for the explanation on your back. I hope that you find something suitable! Track pumps only pump on the downstroke, unlike push pull pumps which are designed for high volume output.

That's interesting. I assumed these were also pull-and-push pumps, given the footplates and their speed. Definitely needs a play at a bike shop.

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garlictwist Fri 04-Sep-20 18:44:51

I've got a joe blow track pump. Have had it for about ten years and it's still going strong.

Mumski45 Fri 04-Sep-20 20:16:16

Have you looked at co2 pumps that use a small canister to blast air into your tyre.

Have a look here.

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