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Best DWR jacket

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Bumble1830 Tue 31-Dec-19 22:51:34

@lljkk Sorry, no I meant the brand Fox, Anyway, I finally found one, Altura Attack or something, DP seemed happy with it

DookofBust Mon 23-Dec-19 21:08:56

Showers pass make really good cycling jackets.

lljkk Mon 23-Dec-19 21:05:29


As in muddy fox the Sports Direct brand? I think they are good value 4 money, actually.

Cluelesscyclewidow Sat 16-Nov-19 22:35:21

My DP is cycle mad and he wants a DWR (Durable Water Repellent....Apparently) MTB jacket, Any ideas? I've seen one by Fox, its a C6 DWR, I have no idea what that means so if any of you lovely lot can help, I would be eternally grateful, Many thanks

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