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Horrible experience has put me off

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MindBodyChocolate Wed 18-Jul-18 17:30:34

In the last couple of months I’ve started cycling for getting around the city where I live. Was enjoying it.

Yesterday I was on my bike cycling into the centre for a work event. Sat at traffic lights in the cycle area at the front of the queue. Traffic lights still on red when the car behind me starts beeping really long and repeatedly. I can also hear lots of jeering.

Traffic lights turn green so I go off, leaving loads of room for them to come past. They don’t. They carry on beeping and shouting at me before tearing past and cutting me up. I carry on but unfortunately catch up with them at the next traffic lights. Shouting, swearing and intimidation continues.

In the end they cut in front of me again and do an emergency stop causing me to nearly hit them.

No one else on a bike asks if I’m ok. Lots see it and go past.

I was so upset I got off my bike and haven’t used it since. It was such a pointless and nasty thing for these 2 twats to do, it’s really shaken me. Wish I’d got their reg as I would have reported them.

Whole experience was so uncalled for and left me not wanting to cycle again. Sorry for the rant, I just needed to tell someone as I haven’t told anyone else (everyone advised me not to start cycling for safety reasons).

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trumpetoftheswan Wed 18-Jul-18 17:32:54

You have my sympathy MindBodyChocolate. Some, definitely not the majority but some, motorists are needlessly aggressive to cyclists.

Disclaimer - some cyclists are also a complete PITA and dangerous to boot

Try to focus on the the positive few months of cycling that you've had. These incidents aren't that common, and rising above it is the best way forward imvho.

MindBodyChocolate Wed 18-Jul-18 18:03:19

Thanks Trumpet. I’ve obviously led a very fortunate and sheltered life because this pathetic little incident has really shaken me up.

I know I need to rise above it and get back on the bike. Might avoid that area though - it is a bit dodgy.

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gamerchick Wed 18-Jul-18 18:12:48

Get yourself a wearable camera to attach to your helmet. It'll give you more peace of mind. Dont let it put you off.

MindBodyChocolate Wed 18-Jul-18 18:57:48

Yes, you’re probably right about the camera, gamer. I’ll have a look at eBay to see if there’s anything decent on there.

Shame though that I’ve got to film my journeys to feel safer... fact of life I guess.

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MurielsBottom Wed 18-Jul-18 19:09:09

Hi, OP I would definitely encourage you to get back in your bike. Perhaps somewhere different to start but it seems such a shame to let these small minded people win by stopping you cycling.
As an aside, I got back in to cycling a couple of years ago and I've only had one incident similar to what you describe.

trumpetoftheswan Wed 18-Jul-18 19:44:25

Muriels right. I've been cycling in London for well over 20 years and can count the number of really upsetting incidents on the fingers of one hand. I can't even remember them now, other than I was upset at the time.

Get your confidence back in quieter areas. Get off and walk across junctions if you feel safer doing that.

But don't let a couple of rude thugs stop you doing something that you enjoy,

MurielsBottom Wed 18-Jul-18 21:10:00

I think you feel much more vulnerable in your bike. I've had a few incidents of nastyness (Almost exactly like you describe in your OP) when driving and although upsetting I never feel as vulnerable as when I am cycling.

Hopefully you will feel a little better tomorrow. X

MindBodyChocolate Fri 20-Jul-18 17:19:07

Thanks all for your posts. I know I was unlucky. Just need to pump up my tyres tomorrow and I shall be back on the road. I’ll feel better when I get my first out of the way.

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MurielsBottom Fri 20-Jul-18 19:26:32

That's the spirit, OP. Hope you enjoy your ride.

prettybird Fri 20-Jul-18 20:03:21

That's horrible Mind - but there are arses everywhere. Fortunately, they are outnumbered by ordinary people - who may or may not respect and give space as a cyclist. The more cyclists there are, the more often the drivers you come across will be people who also cycle! bike

As you get more experienced, you'll get more confident and, dare I say it, bolshy wink By bolshy I mean in a "I have just as much a right to be on the road as you" way grin

Hope tomorrow goes well! bikeflowers

MindBodyChocolate Sat 21-Jul-18 11:46:20

Thanks all, you’ve all been really helpful.

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