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Is there an app for my phone which is better for cycling than Google maps?

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KatyMac Sun 03-Jun-18 18:33:13

I'm sure there are more cycle paths and routes than my satnav knows - is there an app or something that might know better than Google maps?

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ivykaty44 Sun 03-Jun-18 18:35:11

I use cycle streets

ivykaty44 Sun 03-Jun-18 18:37:57

It’s for fastest route, balanced route and quiet routes- you choose. The app does use canal tow paths on some routes and also Sustrain routes

If you google national sustains route it will show you the map of uk with routes marked and numbered

KatyMac Sun 03-Jun-18 18:45:30

That would have given me a better route than I took today - thanks

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KatyMac Sun 03-Jun-18 18:46:23

I'd rather go an extra mile or two than a big hill or a very busy road so it sounds great


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ivykaty44 Sun 03-Jun-18 18:50:38

Cycle streets will route to avoid large incline and keep you on the flat where possible

KatyMac Sun 03-Jun-18 18:51:14

I think I like it smile

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TheLongRider Wed 06-Jun-18 08:52:17

Another good mapping website is

It uses quieter roads and paths.

If you're used to creating your own routes, is very useful.

prettybird Wed 06-Jun-18 09:49:15

Try BikeHub. It is populated by cyclists. I've found some interesting routes in Glasgow that I wouldn't otherwise have known about.

From memory, you can search on quickest, flattest, quietest and "most balanced" routes.

KatyMac Wed 06-Jun-18 10:23:02

I don't know what 'used to creating your own routes means' I just put where I'm going in Google maps and press the bike button - I reckon the routes it takes me are often a bit pants!

Today's task is to go to a local lake and cycle round until either I'm exhausted (see how far I can go) or the battery runs out (to see how far it can go)

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hollybarfoot Mon 11-Jun-18 09:41:24

Map my ride and strava work well, they mostly track your routes but they also give you route suggestions that other people have taken

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