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Two mind-bendingly stupid questions from a newbie

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MinesaLattecino Wed 18-Oct-17 15:36:43

So, first one is there an equivalent of C2K for road riding? I have acquired a bike, a really fab CX style all whistles and bells bike.
I have never ridden a road bike, but expressed an interest, DH (who haunts bike sites, but is an MTB rider for fun) found one on an amazing sale, did loads of research into frame geometry and all the rest of it, and now it's sitting downstairs looking a bit scary!
How do I begin? Just go for a pedal and see how far I get?

The second, even stupider question, is where is this topic on MN? If I search cycling i can find it, but not in topics?!

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CarabellaSmella Wed 18-Oct-17 21:28:13

Ooh, nice! Lucky you, that sounds great - just go for a ride and enjoy it! Cycling is much easier than running (I think) so you don't need a lot of training to get going. I guess it depends on your base fitness and the hilliness of your area but anywhere from 12 - 20km in an hour is a nice easy pace cycle length. Start off with half an hour and see how you get on.

The topic is in "In the Club" for some reason - not sure why there isn't an entire fitness section....

MinesaLattecino Wed 18-Oct-17 22:13:01

Thank you! So i went out for a wobbly 20 minutes today with DH to figure out the gears (challenging!) and enjoyed it although I think i want to stay on cycle paths until I've got the hang of the brakes and steering while looking over my shoulder for traffic/signalling etc - it's a lot twitchier than my tank of a mountain bike!

There's a lovely flat tow path nearby which I think is about 8 miles to the end and back so I might try that tomorrow for practice. I've done it in a lot less than an hour on my old MTB so it shouldn't take long.

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CarabellaSmella Thu 19-Oct-17 08:15:34

Great, well done! Tow path sounds ideal for practice, you'll get the hang of the gears etc in no time. Twitchy is good once you're comfortable with it, you'll be flying!

If you haven't seen it already, check out the Total Womens Cycling site, it has lots of good advice about everything bike related.

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