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Cycling etiquette & rules of the road that appear to have changed

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katymac Sun 04-Jun-17 22:46:59

Ok first to admit - I am a scarey cat but those nice boxes at traffic lights, am I really supposed to come up the inside and undertake the cars? (Sure they didn't exist 20+yrs ago last time I was cycling )

Very impressed with cycling lanes on roundabouts & a sort of buffer between parked cars & cycle lanes

I am hating cars parked in cycle lanes

If a BIG roundabout doesn't have cycle lanes should I get off and walk if I want to turn right (I do)

Pleasantly surprised by courteous drivers & occasionally terrified by an odd one or two!!

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TheLongRider Mon 05-Jun-17 08:41:52

If it's an advanced stop box for cyclists, you're only supposed to enter it if there's​ a cycle lane leading into it. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with waiting in the queue of traffic.

Do NOT go on the inside of traffic at a junction unless you can see your way is clear. The main cause of cycling deaths is left turning traffic particularly between women and trucks.

Do not hug the kerb, it leaves you with nowhere to go if someone does move in on top of you. At roundabouts, act like traffic and take the lane, signal and manoeuvre appropriately. If you're​ not confident if course you can get off and walk.

See if you can find a copy of the Cyclecraft book, it's very helpful

katymac Mon 05-Jun-17 12:16:42

Yes it's often green with a bike painted on it

Sometimes the 'paths' is only 3 or 4 cars length before the box, so I guess we queue until we get that far & move forward on a red light (if poss)

& only go inside at a junction if there is a cycle Lane (I haven't been it's a pet peeve as a driver as I like to give good distance when I pass them & resent when they prevent it)

Things have changed since I last rode a bike

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Mumski45 Mon 05-Jun-17 19:59:05

Why can you not use the bike box if there is no cycle lane leading into it? What would be the purpose of it. I thought you could filter (preferably on the right and only if safe) into it and place yourself in front of the traffic to ensure drivers can see you clearly.

If I arrive in a queue of traffic at traffic lights with a single lane and think I will get through on the first change of lights then I will take the lane as if I was a car and move off when the rest of the traffic does. If I think I will end up waiting for more than one change of lights then I will look for an opportunity to filter to the front on the right. The front is the safest place to be as everyone can see you. I NEVER filter on left of large vehicles or any vehicle indicating left unless the traffic is stopped and there is a clearly marked cycle path to the front. However in the absence of either and if the gap is wide enough then I will pass on the left to get to the front.
If the junction is more complicated i.e. More than one lane and different lanes for different directions then I act as if I am a car and come out to the centre of the lane so I can be seen and my intention is clear.

I act on the basis that visibility is key and no body wants to hurt me. Hence if drivers can see me and my movement is predictable then they will avoid me (even if I may slow them down) I have never had a problem yet with this approach.

katymac Sun 11-Jun-17 12:11:39

I wonder if anyone else knows?

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