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Ride London 100 anyone else got a place?

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Hockneypool Wed 15-Feb-17 18:47:19

Just found out today I have a place. I don't remember applying but think I must have watched it last year and thought I'd like to do that. Madness. Now I'm going to have to do it. Any advice or virtual training buddies would be most welcome.

The furthest I've cycled before is about 60 miles and I've never done a sportive before. I do have a road bike - Liv Avail. But I worry that I'm old (51) and slow!

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Mumski45 Tue 21-Feb-17 21:18:45

Hi Hockney Pool

I would love to do this ride and although Im not doing it I am happy to be a training buddy. I have signed up for the Maserati tour de yorkshire on 30 April which is also about 60 miles but its very hilly (about 6000ft of climbing) so trying to get some good long outdoor rides in soon which is not easy due to the nasty weather at the moment.

My advic
e would be to take it slow with your training. i.e. add miles and hills but don't worry about the speed. That will come as you get the miles in. Try to get out as often as you can even if only for a short ride.

Gradually up your distance in a day but make sure you take the time to include cafe stops as eating and keeping your energy levels up can really make a difference. Experiment with different types of food to take with you. Some people like the sports gels or sweets like jelly babies but I prefer a cereal or nutty bar. On a very long ride with lots of hills I would eat little and often so try to get used to having something in your back pocket which you can access easily as you go along.

I have a Liv Avail and I love it - don't worry about your age, I'm only a few years behind you and see many many people much older than me on sportive.
Good luck.

Hockneypool Thu 23-Feb-17 07:40:49

Hi Mumski45

Thank you for the advice. The weather has been awful and I haven't ridden outside yet this year. I have started using rollers. I'm starting slowly with 10 mins at a time but trying to do it most days. I'm hoping that way I will be fit ish for when I actually get outside. I live in Scotland so am not hopeful for this weekend!

The Maserati tour de Yorkshire sounds good and a huge amount of climbing- good luck. What is the route? I know Yorkshire well. How is your training going?

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Mumski45 Thu 23-Feb-17 11:34:25

Hi this is the route description for the website.

This route option starts with a tough early climb up the locally renowned Pea Road Lane before joining the pro route for a section on Hunshelf Hall Lane. After another climb away from Millhouse Green it’s a long descent into Holmfirth, well known as the home of BBC’s Last of the Summer Wine for 37 years. Riders will then head towards Meltham, requiring them to conquer the hill at Netherthong, before heading through an undulating section featuring the villages of Honley and Farnley Tyas.
During the next part of the route riders will take on another tough uphill section, this time leading to the Emley Moor transmitting station whose tower is the tallest freestanding structure in the UK. Other highlights include a descent to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, passing the spectacular Cannon Hall before visiting Silkstone and Silkstone Common.
Riders then take on the same roads as the professionals again as they go through Wortley and into Deepcar, before they face an epic climb from Ewden Village which is sure to test even the strongest of riders. After a section through Wigtwizzle follows the last notable climb up to Bolsterstone, before the triumphant descent to the finish at Fox Valley.
I don't know the area at all hence taking the lazy option to cut and paste.

Training is a bit slow. I have been using the turbo trainer a few times a week for most of the winter but haven't done much outside. Did 41m last weekend but my planned route to take in some good hills had to be changed when I started to climb as the visibility was poor- ended up being quite a flat route. Weather forecast lied and said it would be dry but it started off with a fine drizzle which turned into more consistent rain as the ride went on.
How about you, how is it going on the rollers?

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