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Anyone do 30 mile round trip cycle commute?

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Cumberlover76 Tue 17-Jan-17 09:51:01

I live a 15 mile cycle from work. The route is mostly off road national cycle route through rural areas heading into the city. The bus is becoming a nightmare so I'm considering trying to cycle. I was going to start in the Spring as in order to get into work to start on time i'd need to leave around 6.15am so thought i'd wait until it started to be a bit lighter, but the bus commute is doing my head in so may try and get going on it sooner. Anyone else do a similar length cycle commute (mostly in the dark at present)? The first 2 miles from my house is uphill but then it's a gentle slope into the city finishing mostly on the flat. On the way home it's a gentle incline for 12ish miles then down hill for the final few. I've commuted to work in the past (10 years ago) but not as far as this. I'm relatively fit but could do with dropping a stone or so. Any experience or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Pannnn Tue 17-Jan-17 16:36:09

Hi there!
Mine is 12 miles each way but I also have an option of taking a train with bike for most of it. Which I do in the dark and v cold weather.
It sounds also quite similar land lie. I live in the Peak District and work in Manchester so it's a bit humpy at first then flattens out into M/c.

I'd say it's very doable but every single day would be arduous!
Riding in heavy traffic in the dark is challenging. Everything feels so much closer and scarier when they aren't really.
It's always knackering to start such a plan, but as you will know once you get going the miles just melt by and before you know it you are where you wish to be, Fitter and with less expense!

Cumberlover76 Tue 17-Jan-17 19:53:11

Thanks Pannnn, I wouldn't need to ride in traffic as there's an off road cycle route (old railway) all the way, but it would be pitch dark as goes through woods and a tunnel which I think scares me more! Plus would be pretty deserted this time of year. I'm aiming for 3 days per week eventually I think. I might give it a month or so till it gets lighter and the start.

lljkk Sat 04-Feb-17 20:26:13

You'd want really good Audax lights.
DH has done a similar distance commute but that was on roads... and he often took the train most the way or even drove in winter.

26milesofcbeebies Sun 26-Feb-17 07:14:16

I've been doing a similar ride before work as part of my training and I know other people who do it- it's totally possible! I have a Bright-R light on the front which is super bright. It's good to have back up lights in case the battery goes (front and back).

I find panniers far more comfortable than a back pack.

Can you leave stuff e.g. Shoes/ a towel in work? And do you have a shower in work?

3 days a week to start sounds like a good plan. Be prepared to be tired, and hungry! You'll adapt really quickly though- it's such a good way to start the day!

Ecclesiastes Sun 26-Feb-17 07:22:25

I used to do 14 (hilly!) miles each way in my old job, winter and summer. I managed average three days a week, alternating buys/train/cadging a lift.

I loved it, and now that I work from home its the only thing I miss. I was fit as fuck. Go for it!

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