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electric bikes

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traviata Sat 14-Jan-17 17:29:24

I am considering getting one to do a 10 mile commute, along fairly flat roads. I was thinking that the power would help me on windy days, when cycling into a head wind would leave me gasping and sweating (no showers at work). But mostly I would expect to be pedalling, and could ride against the wind on my way home if necessary.

I know that most electric bikes can be ridden without the power, but is that a big compromise? I'm not sure how often I'd use the power. Would it solve the problem for me, or is it just a lot of unnecessary weight and expense, given that it would not be used on every journey?

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BlossomCat Sat 14-Jan-17 17:39:42

I've got one, as I live at the top of a big hill. I use the power for most of the journey, except going downhill. It gives a boost going along the flat, and I often overtake other cyclists (sorry, not sorry!) And I can do 14-18mph on a flat stretch easily.
I've got an elly cube and I ❤ her

traviata Sat 14-Jan-17 18:03:36

that is a v attractive bike.

Actually the extra speed would save me quite a lot of time on my journey.

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traviata Sat 14-Jan-17 18:07:46

do you have to take the battery out of its holder for charging?

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BlossomCat Sat 14-Jan-17 19:14:50

Yes, the battery comes out of the casing above the rear wheel and I take it into the house to charge. One charge gives me about 30-35 miles, but I do a lot of hills, so use more power than if I were just on the flat.

traviata Fri 20-Jan-17 00:32:18

thanks Blossom

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traviata Fri 20-Jan-17 00:35:22

I'm going to hire one for a week just to sort out the practicalities, then I'd like to buy one.

maybe I will wait until the temperature rises above freezing.

Are you riding your bike at the moment Blossom?

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witchmountain Wed 25-Jan-17 21:37:59

I'm going to get one as like Blossom I live up a hill. I tried some of the Gazelle ones and really liked them. I'd suggest trying a few because the feel is quite different from bike to bike.

I was also thinking along the lines of only using the power when I needed it, but actually even on flat it was quite useful for pulling away from junctions and just generally moving a bit faster with less effort!

Some batteries can be charged on the bike but batteries don't like being cold so if the bike lives outside the battery should really come inside anyway.

traviata Wed 25-Jan-17 22:03:01

useful info, thanks witch

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TiggyD Wed 15-Feb-17 16:56:11

They are heavier, and there is some resistance due to the motor electrics/magnets dragging. I keep mine on the lowest setting of help and just whack it up when a hill jumps out at me, or I'm on a horrible bit of road and want it over fast.

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