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West Mids Police Blog re enforcing law against bad driving affecting cyclists

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ShotsFired Tue 13-Sep-16 08:58:13

Really interesting blog from West Midlands Police:

It's unfortunate that the carrot approach hasn't been effective, and has led to the stick, but hopefully the end result will be positive for cyclists as a vulnerable road using group. I am also downloading the ROSPA ppt mentioned to see what that's about too (500mb so my crappy bb is creaking a bit under the strain!)

It also links to this post which may be of interest too:

I am considering getting a cam for my bike, having fitted one to my car - having that has made me far more conscious of my own driving and also provides me with an underlying reassurance in case of the worst. Interesting that WMP are trialling self-reporting of incidents too.

greenlolly Tue 13-Sep-16 09:12:09

Ned Boulting tweeted this last week. I think it's really good news, hopefully it will start to shift attitudes a bit.

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