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Any good traffic free ride recommendations in SE?

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OneManBucket Mon 05-Sep-16 14:20:24

After having a few scares in the past cycling on roads I haven't been on a bike in ages. I started talking about wanting to get on a bike again and my wonderful DP got me a beautiful new bike as a present this weekend! grin

I'm still very nervous about cycling on roads, I can manage cycling to the shops etc. But I'm too anxious to face busy roads. I really want to find some good routes that are traffic free to build up my confidence on the bike, don't mind quiet or wide roads but would prefer cycle routes.

Any good recommendations for Surrey, Kent, Sussex etc.? I've been looking at the Worth Way and Forest Way but the Sustrans route finder isn't being too helpful at giving actual maps of the routes.

ShotsFired Mon 05-Sep-16 14:44:21

Sideways suggestion - Are you able to fit off-road tyres to your bike and take to forest trails or tracks? You don't need full-on MTB tyres, decent hybrid or cyclocross rubber will do it.

My other suggestion is to go out very early. The roads are a joy then!
(Although not so easy now the mornings are darker, but when the clocks change you'll gain a bit of light back)

OneManBucket Mon 05-Sep-16 17:43:53

Thanks Shots, it's actually a cruiser lol but a fancy pants model with a nice light frame and good thick tyres so will be fine on forest tracks as long as they aren't full on off-roading, gentler trails that aren't too hilly (no really steep inclines) would be best.

ShotsFired Tue 06-Sep-16 07:13:33

That sounds great! Combine forest trails with early morning and you have yourself a winner winner chicken dinner I reckon! (and with a soft landing should the worst happen and you fall off!)

Sorry I don't know any route recommendations per se, but googling the worth way comes up with this page which you might be able to use to map a route on Garmin or Strava?

Good luck!

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