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Lizzie Armitstead cleared to compete at Rio 2016 Olympics after missing three drugs tests

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FelicityLemon Tue 02-Aug-16 09:13:02

So that's why she wasn't at La Course.

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ThisPanCan Tue 02-Aug-16 14:15:26

fwiw I felt rather queasy at this. Whenever drugs and doping and missed tests come up, it's always dodgy. With three missed tests it looks bad, and the 'reasonings' seem a bit on the flimsy side. Esp for the third one when she knows a ban is imminent but still risked it.
IF UKAD didn't operate guidelines to the letter, from what we know Lizzie didn't really go out of her way to be tested.

FelicityLemon Tue 02-Aug-16 14:31:30

It doesn't look good. INRNG have a good article on it

I'm not sure that British Cycling should have been quite so involved in the appeal after their troubles with the Shane Sutton situation and the Steve Cummings controversy.

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Sunnymeg Wed 03-Aug-16 11:39:45

Don't want to out myself, but I know the family member who was taken ill and caused her to miss the third test. It was a life and death emergency and the person concerned lives in a different part of the country. I can imagine the family just packed an overnight bag, threw it in the car and got on the motorway ASAP . That doesn't excuse her not following procedures, but I can understand how it might not be at the forefront of her mind. Thankfully the person concerned is recovering.

FelicityLemon Wed 03-Aug-16 20:20:32

At least some good news out of this situation. Hope the recovery continues to go well.

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