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Child bike seat for very small frame bike

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moggle Tue 09-Feb-16 12:24:15

I am looking for a child's seat to go on my bike... should be simple but my bike is small - only 15" - with a dropped (ladies') top tube. I got a Hamax seat for pennies on ebay but even with the extra bar for small frames, the seat sits on the wheel, because the only place for the fixing bracket is so low down, and my wheels are a larger diameter than you might expect on a bike of that size (I can't remember the specifics but I remember when I bought the bike it was touted as a plus point).

The Wee-ride says a 16" frame is needed. I've just emailed the iBert safe-t-seat website to see what they say. Obviously the related issue that I am on the short size (5'4") and hence have short ish arms, may cause problems with front mounted even if the seat technically fits.

The main point of getting a bike seat was to cycle DD (15mo) the 10 mins on bike paths to nursery, and then I would continue on to work. So if the seat is a little uncomfortable for me it's not the end of the world as I won't be using it for long at a time, and we can put the hamax on DH's bike for when we want to do longer recreational rides. I know a trailer would work but I'm not that keen as we don't have much room in our garage for it. My last option to manage the commute by bike is to walk the bike to nursery with DD in her Ergo carrier and cycle onwards, but I would really like to get a seat if possible.

Just wondered if anyone else had any bright ideas before I think about buying a new, bigger framed bike (although how do I make 100% sure I can fit a seat on any bike I buy as it can't be huge due to me being short!).

CMOTDibbler Wed 10-Feb-16 12:48:15

How about a Bobike? It goes on the handlebars, so your frame size shouldn't be a problem

5madthings Wed 10-Feb-16 12:52:38

What about a bike seat that mounts onto a rack rather than just the frame. I have a small frame bike as well, though it's a man's style frame in extra small size and couldn't use s bike seat that just attaches onto frame post because of this. Also don't like the way they bounce either.

Will find a link to the seat I have.

5madthings Wed 10-Feb-16 12:59:37

Phone being pita or I think it's mnet being a pita but Google Co pilot taxi bike seat that is what I was using until a few months ago,my dd now goes on a tag along as she is bigger.

Or beta deluxe bike seat, the deluxe one can recline a bit, sure they do s more basic non recline one as well. I had this for Ds4 and only replaced because dh broke it.

They are both good seats that will last and attach to a rack and should fit your frame size without the wheel issue.

5madthings Wed 10-Feb-16 13:05:43

I am.only 5 2 Btw hence extra small size frame but regular wheel size. I could never get on with the front attaching bike seats.

My dd uses a tag a long or rides her own bike now but am due Dc6 and am going to get a croozer trailer with sling/hammock attachment for baby so I can have them in there before they are big enough for bike seat. My dh has had a hammax type seat on his bike and found them fine but I like you couldn't use them. We cycle the school run everyday and cycle a lot as a family so have spent a long time looking at the different options.

Lots of bike trailers fold small Btw so may not use up much space in garage and can convert to stroller/running buggy. If you get a trailer can you leave it at the nursery securely?

moggle Wed 10-Feb-16 13:29:48

Thanks for the advice- I had just last night discovered the rack mounted seats - thanks! I even found someone nearby selling a copilot limo seat with the rack so may go for that.

I am a little concerned about the front mounted seats just because of my shortness, i think the seat will come quite far back towards my torso. I am worried that DD's head will hit my chest and that I'll have to splay my legs quite a lot to ride. Plus there are fewer available second hand and I'm not looking to spend much£ at the moment.

We may consider a trailer in the future if we do longer rides but at the moment it'll be only 5-10 mins to nursery and I want the quickest option possible- the bike ride on to work will be for exercise really so the least inconvenience will probably drive me to the car! advantage of the rear seats is that I can keep it on the bike on the ride to work with little impact on my ride.

5madthings Wed 10-Feb-16 15:16:36

I got my Co pilot second hand with rack, my dd literally stopped using it last year at four and a half as her legs were too long and I was kicking her feet as I pedalled. She is taller than average, one of the tallest in her class so other children could use it for longer depending on Weight limit etc.

5madthings Wed 10-Feb-16 15:19:07

The weight limit is 18kg, my dd has just reached this age five.

Btw we have taken the seat off my bike but left the rack on as you xan use it with panniers etc good for nursery bags, or in my case school book bags, swim.kits etc.

5madthings Wed 10-Feb-16 15:23:24

Re the front seats. I found as I am short I couldn't reach easily round child on front, esp as my kids are tall and with a helmet on it restricted vision. Plus yes I was cycling with my legs in a splayed out position which as I have had spd was not good. But lots of my frirnds use them just fine. A bit like slings I think different seats suit different riders. In my case the fact thst I am short yet my children are not (thanks to 6ft dh) means the front facing seats didn't work. I do love tgat with front seats you can talk to your child more easily but they just didn't work for me.

TeaPleaseLouise Wed 10-Feb-16 15:31:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moggle Wed 10-Feb-16 20:02:47

Tea that is a useful link. I was just in the garage looking at my bike and I thought that those silvery struts are going to have to be very long to reach the eyelets they need to, so good to know there are extenders available.
I wish I could try a few out before buying! Evans has the Topeak one available but it's too expensive for us.

moggle Tue 19-Apr-16 10:02:22

Just wanted to update the thread for closure!
After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing (my DH was sick to the back teeth of me talking about this...) I finally went for a front seat in the end. First tried a Bobike mini exclusive which I liked the feel of but the back was a bit too high for (my) comfort, so we have ended up with a Bobike mini classic which works great at the moment. We won't be using it for long rides as she couldn't really sleep in it, but for the 10 mins to/from nursery it will be fine. We still have the Hamax which will go on DH's bike for longer rides. However when we tried to put her in the Hamax she had a full on tantrum and almost wriggled out of the side of the 3 point harness! So may need some more work there.
In the bobike she loves it, we cycle on pedestrian paths round a lake to get to nursery so I basically get a running commentary of "duck!" "woof woof!" "dee!" (tree...) for the whole journey. it's lovely! She will grow out of it in a year or so, or be too tall for me to see over her head, but by then I'm hoping we'll be expecting DC2 so the routine will be changing anyway.
Thanks for all the advice!

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