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OMG, don't laugh, I have a Disney Princess style bike

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lavendersun Sat 05-Dec-15 18:27:12

A cautionary tale ..... never choose your paint colour from a monitor in the shop.

Bloody hell, so, the frame maker doesn't issue swatches so I chose my colour from the screen in the shop.

I am gutted, mortified, etc., etc.. I am sure there must be a sickly green Disney Princess but I don't know the name.

I had a car that I loved the colour of a few years ago and the colour on the screen looked just like it .... not so much in the flesh. Car - vs bike photos attached for your amusement!

DH has already asked me when I am going to have it resprayed.

I can't wait to get it dirty!

lavendersun Sat 05-Dec-15 20:47:25

Well I am sat here looking at this frame (which I hate) and wondering if it has been painted the wrong colour.

I chose Verde Aqua Metallic. Does anyone think that looks nothing like the bike photo? Did they get it wrong? I feel like they did.

Whatsinaname2011 Sat 05-Dec-15 20:51:12

Well they don't look the same but I wouldn't say one was better than the other.

SweetAdeline Sat 05-Dec-15 20:51:42

I think they've done it in verde chiaro instead.

lavendersun Sat 05-Dec-15 20:55:02

Thanks whats, but I like the colour I chose, just not the one I got!

I thought that Sweet, I think I am going to ask them what they used, sigh, I hate confrontation.

LettuceLaughton Sat 05-Dec-15 20:55:53

Yes, I think it's the verde chiaro. Or maybe the peacock somethingorother. Not the one you chose in any case. it's way, way too blue even for screen based confusion.

CMOTDibbler Sat 05-Dec-15 20:59:14

It really doesn't look like the sample at all - the frame is turquoise!

lavendersun Sat 05-Dec-15 21:03:15

I know CMOT - I am gutted, DH agrees it is bloody hideous! I am going to have to ask them on Monday. Thing is if I end up having it resprayed and paying for it it would cost the same as a Dave Yates frame and I chose Bob J because it was a bit cheaper!

Whatsinaname2011 Sat 05-Dec-15 21:03:44

Sorry op I didn't mean it to sound like I didn't like the one you chose it's more that I thought both looked OK (iyswim

But clearly you (and anyone) would want the one you picked and this doesn't look like it

Whatsinaname2011 Sat 05-Dec-15 21:09:51

I think it's more like the peacock one

lavendersun Sat 05-Dec-15 21:10:40

Thats OK whats, sorry, I am clearly emotional about having spent so much money on a frame that looks like a fairy princess colour smile.

To compare all the contenders ...

SweetAdeline Sat 05-Dec-15 21:11:26

You're right Whats.

lavendersun Sat 05-Dec-15 21:12:39

Yes, thank you. Now, do I go through the bike shop (which is the only way you get a custom frame these days as they are all off the peg if you order directly). Nice man but I feel like he might gloss over it. Or do I go straight to the frame maker?

kickassangel Sat 05-Dec-15 21:23:05

Wel, I think that it looks more like Celeste.

I would also think that the Grigio color might come out closer to what you'd like. Having said that, it's notoriously difficult to get colors right, even with a screen to choose them from.

CMOTDibbler Sat 05-Dec-15 21:25:44

Straight to the framemaker I think. Don't pay good money for a colour you didn't choose!

SweetAdeline Sat 05-Dec-15 21:27:50

lavender I'd go through the bike shop. These places survive/thrive on their reputations so he'll have a larger incentive to get it sorted. He'll also she an existing business relationship with the frame maker. If that fails you still have the option to contact the frame makers directly.

SweetAdeline Sat 05-Dec-15 21:28:37

Sorry my badly written post x-posted with yours CMOT.

RandomMess Sat 05-Dec-15 21:32:15

Geez don't care how you achieve a different colour but you need to! I wonder if they mixed your order up with someone elses?

lavendersun Sat 05-Dec-15 21:37:49

What a headache this is, thank you everyone for your opinions. I am pleased to know it isn't just my expectations. I know that the colour I chose wasn't the same as my old car but I liked the idea and thought that it would look nice with the silver sparkle barbers pole/lug lining. It was a colour I felt I could have lived with for 20 years.

I really don't think I can cope with it (paid £1200 for frame and two wheels earlier today so not cheap) , better to send it back now I think. I hope they are decent about it.

The bike shop guy is nice enough but I am not sure he would be 100% upfront (he chipped DH's paint on his mtm frame and put a bit of paint on it earlier in the year without telling him). DH made him get an exact match in from the frame maker, he was very apologetic after the event.

lavendersun Sat 05-Dec-15 21:56:15

Well, I haven't measured the bike Random but if I measure it against my other bike it will be fairly obvious as I had to extend their standard measurements to get it to fit me. Will do that tomorrow.

RandomMess Sat 05-Dec-15 22:21:48

The samples and frame are no where near each other so regardless of what happens it isn't what you ordered.

TBH I'd be crying!!!!!

My (cyclist) brother got his bike nicked once year, the local police officer cyclist recognised it even when painted in black hammerite.... grin

lavendersun Sat 05-Dec-15 22:25:49

I have another bike Random smile which has just been resprayed (another steel tourer) and I love that one. Took it to the person who would have made my frame if I had wanted to spend more money, saw the colour in person on the day and he did a lovely job .... so thankfully I am not relying on this one being available this instant.

Still mightily fed up though, and I hate dealing with this sort of thing.

I wonder if they will give me the old 'paint looks different on a screen line' especially when it is a different colour.

RandomMess Sat 05-Dec-15 22:35:28


Just still tickles me that erm 25 years one that someone stole a bike with a £1k frame (how much would it be now) and painted it in hammerite!!! As well as the insurance pay out he ended up getting it back as a spare grin

BeaBoo Sat 05-Dec-15 22:39:25

I like it! It looks Celeste to me (like my Bianchi). Sorry that's not helpful. I hope you get it sorted soon.

lavendersun Sat 05-Dec-15 22:42:04

DH would love his back if it was stolen Random. You can get a good respray for £200!

Still £1200-1500 ish for a top of the line steel frame (Mercian are the prettiest imo), next bike grin

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